We talked in various occasions that small/medium companies, entrepreneurs, freelancers and simply social media users get many advantages of connecting their WhatsApp to their social networks. They easily create their WhatsApp link with our free tool and copy this link on their Instagram bio, Facebook profile, Twitter, TikTok, Youtube channel/videos or simply on their posts […]
Would you like to add a WhatsApp link to your facebook profile/website. You want to allow your facebook friends the ability to quickly reach you via WhatsApp, so they can chat/ give you a video call? Maybe you have a company website on facebook and you would like to improve the communication with them, make […]
What is TikTok? TikTok is a free iOS and Android media app for creating and sharing short videos. The application allows users to create short music videos of 3–15 seconds and long videos of 30–60 seconds.     Despite being one of the youngest social media platforms, the application that lets the users share videos […]
Would you like to include a link that redirects your interlocutor with one click to a WhatsApp conversation in your email signature? That’s a brilliant way to shorten the distance and strengthen the interaction. It will enable rapid transmition to a much smoother communicator. In order to do it, follow these steps: 1. Create a […]
Instagram link sent by WhatsApp not working? If your link is not working, you need to check your phone number. Be sure to add your country code. Your WhatsApp number must be like this: 34627524218 Just numbers, no sings, no – dash line, no ()… just numbers. Whats the url for WhatsApp? Your WhatsApp URL […]
If you need to create a WhatsApp link for my number, we are going to explain how easy this process is: Go here and create your link to WhatsApp. You just needto add your phone number with your country code. This is very important. To create a link to your WhatsApp number you need to […]
We want to share One big update for our ‎WhatsApp link Generator. Starting today you can create your own business profile and your landing page. Business profile for your WhatsApp Link With your business profile we can include your company in our directory, that way more customers can find you and contact you. In our […]
We started as an addon we built for a client. Then we release the add on to the WordPress marketplace. Growth started and today we have +26,000 active installations (june 2020). We did not pivot. Our key product challenge are: Create a better experience for our user in terms of back office. Create a better […]
The problem: Emails and forms are a way to engage with customers that is rapidly declining. Younger audience as well as “everyday joes” do not have or take email as a channel to communicate. WhatsApp is taking over this channel with easy, fast, rich conversations. We help companies develop a Click To Chat channel and […]
Whats is PostCron WhatsApp Link PostCron WhatsApp link is a basic version of the WhatsApp link tool. PostCron gives you a link to your WhatsApp number but: the number will be visible. You have no stats You can not edit the link You do not have a control panel to manage your links Use our […]
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