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There are many different ways to get your message across to a target group, whether we are talking about E-mails, calls, social media or maybe even something else. There are many different ways to handle your customers especially if your goal is to attract new customers.

A WhatsApp link can help your business a lot!

Have you ever considered WhatsApp as a tool to handle your customers? If not, then please allow us to demonstrate, how WhatsApp can be used in a way, that you and your business can benefit from!

Make a personal link to your WhatsApp 🔗

by creating a link directly to your WhatsApp, you are giving your customers, or potential new customers the possibility to start a conversation, only by clicking your link. Simple, fast and supper easy!

The only thing you need to create your WhatsApp link is your phone number. Thats it! Though it is very important that you remember your country code, otherwise your link will not work.

Make your personal WhatsApp link here 👉

Want a more detailed description on how to make your WhatsApp link, then please check this out. 👇

Create a link to WhatsApp 🤓

A perfect example of the effect of a WhatsApp link

A WhatsApp link is perfect for small end medium sized businesses, or freelancers. To give a more specific example of how this can be used, lets have a look at a how personal trainers can benefit from this.

This is an area of business, where the level of competition has increased a lot resent years, and where a lot of skilled people have become really good at branding and creating solid networks for themselves.

This is an example of a personal trainer from Aarhus in Denmark, who has managed to create a really nice platform for himself. this is the result you get from google, also called the SERP, and as you can see, he both has an address, a phone number og links to his social media account, which is really nice!

Another opportunity for Daniel would of course be to create his personal WhatsApp link, and have it on his SERP, alongside his phone number and address. In that way his customers, and perhaps new customers, can easily press his link and immediately start a conversation with him. Super easy and efficient.

The only thing that really stands out here is, that there is no visible webpage for Daniels business, but there is a good explanation for this and that is, that Daniels Webpage is undergoing maintainance.

This is the result you get, if you go to Daniels webpage. It is very important to update and maintain your webpage, and as soon as it is ready, it would most likely be available in the SERP.

Social media

As you can see, the access to Daniel’s social media is really good. There are links to both his Facebook, LinkedIn and instagram, which is a bit further down on the page.


If we take a quick look at Daniel’s Facebook page we see, that it looks really good! 👌

It is manageable, there are good location and contact information and there is a short description of himself and his motivations for becoming a personal trainer, which is awesome! We also see the link to his webpage, even though it is not up and running yet, which is fine.

Here we also see, that Daniel has a direct link to his Facebook messenger, which gives everyone who is interested in his company the opportunity, to start a conversation with him really fast, and really easy, which is a huge benefit for him, but also for his customers. 🔥

Here there would once again be an opportunity to add an additional link to WhatsApp to create multiple options for his customers. WhatsApp would also give Daniel the opportunity to create standardized replies to frequently asked questions, that would allow him to reply faster to his customers.💪

This could f.x be questions about his prices, opening hours or different workout programs and when and how to sign up.

Get your personal link out to your customers

You can get really far by having a link to F.x Facebook messenger or WhatsApp in your profil, but where den big difference is made, is when your link is not only in your profile, but is more visible to others on social media.💡

With a personal link to your WhatsApp, every single time you post something new on Facebook, Instagram or youtube, you can include your link in that post, so it appears on your customers front page. By doing that, you automatically become way more available for your followers, and the contact process is being simplified as much as possible.

Now your followers doesn’t even have to go to your profile to find your contact information.

Taking everything into consideration, this is a very good facebook page, that Daniel has made for himself, and he has done a really good job of making it look representable. 👏


Another social media, where Daniel has done a really good job, is his Instagram account. Again there are plenty of contact possibilities, and with more than 700 posts and over 3700 followers it is clear, that Daniel is quite active on his Instagram page.📈

Here, Daniel shares everything from inspirational posts to guides and practises to useful advise and tricks. Once again, this would be a great opportunity to incorporate your personal WhatsApp link, both on your profile, but indeed also in your posts, which for Daniel would be a great addition to his E-mail. 📲

Besides his E-mail, Daniel also has a link to Linktree, where he has a long range of different links to his social media, webpage videos and much more.

Daniels Linktree looks like this and once again, it looks really good and representable. ✅


one of the channels, that I’m personally a big supporter of is Youtube. This platform is an excellent way, especially for guys in this business, to do a lot of different things on the same channel.

As a personal trainer, you can use Youtube for a long range of different things, such as:

  • Podcast episodes 🎙
  • Inspirational videos 📹
  • Guides to different exercises 🏃
  • Client opinions 🗣
  • Promotion 📊
  • Answer FAQ and possibly demonstrate ❓
  • Share tips and ideas💡

Of course there are so many more possibilities than these, which is exactly why Youtube is such a great platform. You can stimulate more senses for your subscribers and give a better impression of, which values you have to offer.

Daniels youtube looks like this, and from the headlines on some of his videos, it looks like he is using Youtube for at wide range of different types of videos, which is a really good idea.

Without having seen all his videos, it looks like he is also incorporating his followers and listens to their needs and trying to solve them in his videos, which of course is a great initiative.

This is an example of a description on one of his videos, which by the looks of it, looks really good. There is a nice agenda of the purpose of the video, a short description and request for his subscribers to ask questions and give feedback in the comments.

Get your WhatsApp link out to your followers

Once again, a really good opportunity occurs, to reach more followers and customers with your message and your contact information

By adding a link to your WhatsApp in the description to a video, you are reaching the customers where they are instead of hoping and relying on them to take the time to visit your profile. You can therefor skip the step of your followers having to look for your contact information, by simply giving a link to them in the description, so they can initiate the contact after, or maybe even while watching the video.

That is why a link to WhatsApp is such a great tool to reach more customers and simplifying the contact process as much as possible. Remember, the easier and more accesable you can make everything for your customers, the higher chances you have of succeeding.

Availability of your WhatsApp link can be the big difference

When you are aiming to get a message across to your followers, perhaps with the purpose of getting in contact with some new customers, it is very important make it as less complicated as possible.

Then it doesn’t really matter if we are talking about Facebook, Youtube, LinkedIn or Instagram. By adding your WhatsApp link in your posts, instead of just having them on your profile, you get the message across to so many more followers, you are making it easier for them to start a conversation with you, and saving them a from doing the research on their own.

How do i add my WhatsApp link to a post?

It is very simple. You just do a description to your post as you usually would, and then what you can do is finishing the post by saying “want to learn more? contact me on WhatsApp” followed by the link to your WhatsApp.

You can also do it even more simple by just adding ” contact me on WhatsApp”, followed by your WhatsApp link.

If you have additional questions, please don’t hesitate contacting us, we would be more than happy to help! 🙏

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