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Everything you need to do to create your WhatsApp Widget for Unbounce. Unbounce is a great tool to create your landing page. Unbounce is a tool to create landing pages for:

  • Campaigns
  • Promotions
  • Back to School promotions
  • SaaS subscriptions
  • E-commerce promotions
  • One-product landing page
  • Event registrations
  • Online training events

How to setup your WhatsApp Widget for Unbounce.

Check out my profile if you want to ask questions about how to add the WhatsApp Widget to your unbounce landing page.

Create your WhatsApp Widget for unbounce website.

Why you need WhatsApp in your Unbounce landing page

With Unbounce you will be able to create a simple, easy to manage landing page. Unbounce will give you amazing templates that will help you creating an easy to use landing page.

To capture more leads, what you need is our WhatsApp Widget.

Unbounce will help you crafting a message and a design that will inspire your users. But when you need to convert those users into contacts, is when you need to have our WhatsApp Widget.

Unbounce pricing

The cheapest plan is 80 USD for month.

Check the pricing in unbounce website.

Best landing pages creator.


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