How to make whatsapp link on Facebook

WhatsApp Link with Stats and Landing page 😀 108,400+ accounts created -  November 2020

Would you like to add a WhatsApp link to your facebook profile/website. You want to allow your facebook friends the ability to quickly reach you via WhatsApp, so they can chat/ give you a video call? Maybe you have a company website on facebook and you would like to improve the communication with them, make use of the opportunity to pay/ reiceve payments via WhatsApp? WhatsApp is the #1 communicator worldwide with more than 2 billion active users. Its features help facilitate digital interactions. If you’re a business owner, WhatsApp Business is a great, indispensible app, that will improve your customer service.

For individual users

If you are an indivudual user, you can create a link to WhatsApp using our free tool , just type in your phone number with the country code and generate a link. Copy your link and add it to your “Bio” section on your facebook profile. Now your friends can easily reach you, and call you at any time with just one-click. There is no need to save your contact and waiste time.

For businesses

If you have a facebook page, it’s possible to add WhatsApp channel by default. In order to do that, you have edit your page info. Go to settings list and look for “WhatsApp”, now type in your WhatsApp number staring with your country code.

add whatsapp facebook page

By Paweł Górny

Hey it's Paweł Górny, Sales and Marketing Director of Polish market from If you would like to include a WhatsApp Plug-in on your website, redirecting your clients to a WhatsApp conversation with you, by just one-click, you need help with creating a website or you would like to improve an already existing one, you've come to the right place. Any questions? Contact me directly using this link Have an awesome day!

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