You can use to share your link to WhatsApp on Linktree. is a WhatsApp chatbot builder that allows you to create custom chatbots for your business. You can create a chatbot that engages with your customers, answers their queries, and offers them personalized recommendations.

To share your link on Linktree, follow these steps:

  1. Create a account and build your chatbot.
  2. Once your chatbot is ready, copy the chatbot URL provided by
  3. Log in to your Linktree account and click on “Add New Link”.
  4. Choose the “Website” option and paste your URL in the field provided.
  5. Customize your Linktree link by adding a title, description, and thumbnail image.
  6. Click on “Save” to save your Linktree link.

Now, your customers can easily access your WhatsApp chatbot by clicking on the Linktree link. They can ask their queries, get recommendations, and engage with your business on WhatsApp. Using and Linktree together can help you provide a seamless customer experience and improve your customer engagement on WhatsApp.

View a video about WhatsApp and LinkTree

In this video we explain how to use WhatsApp with LinkTree to promote your business to get more leads in your WhatsApp

Snipfeed is a social tool that helps creators to host their content like videos, podcasts or articles to help them achieve a wider audience. It’s the perfect place to add your WhatsApp Link to help them reach out to you easily and faster.

You can create live stream videos, host ticketed live events (through your Snipfeed or even Google Meet and Zoom). You can sell exclusive digital photos, E-Books, guide, classes, audio tracks, etc. in your site.

It’s perfect to add your exclusive content there to reach out to your maximum potential clients and audience.

On the other hand, Linktree is an amazing tool that you can use for your business and company. Using Linktree will help you add all your social media accounts in one platform. This is such an efficient platform because you can create a site with different accounts such as Instagram, TikTok, Facebook and even your WhatsApp Link.

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Here, we’re going to show you step by step how to create your account on Snipfeed and add your WhatsApp Link to your bio to help them reach out to you immediately. This way it will help you create a better engagement with your potential clients and get more leads in an easy way and using an automated process.

All the questions your potential clients may have, you can easily send them personalised messages and help them get in contact with you effortless.

How to create your account on Snipfeed

First, we haven chosen a name for our company. You can add your company’s logo and your username. After that, we have to add our link to Linktree on Snipfeed and we can connect our other social media like Instagram, Twitter or TikTok:

Snipfeed – Create your account

Secondly, we have to tell them a bit about ourselves, depending on the business or company you have, such as tech company, digital agency, or freelancer. You have up to 3 alternatives to tell them a bit about you. Choose these topics wisely, since the algorithm is going to show your potential clients your content related to these themes.

If you’re a musician and you want to sell your music tracks, videos or even sell music ticketed events. I have chosen art and music.

Snipfeed – Topics

We click on continue and then we have to choose the template that fits better to our company’s image.

I recommend to choose a template that gets your potential client’s attention and at the same time, a template that can fit your brand’s colours.


And finally, how to add your WhatsApp Link in your bio.

Here, you’ll be able to add a message such as: get in contact with me or if you want to know more about my products, send me a WhatsApp here and add your WhatsApp Link.

Add your WhatsApp Link to your Snipfeed’s account

This is the link you’ll find once you created an account in

You can add this WhatsApp Link in all your social media bios, so potential clients and settled clients can reach out to you and jump straight into your WhatsApp conversation to ask more info or even get into the selling process.

If you don’t have an account with us yet, don’t forget to create your WhatsApp Link here for free:

Or you might be interested in how to create your WhatsApp Link step by step here:

If you have any doubts or questions, please let us know, we’re here to help your business grow. Write us a comment or send us a WhatsApp!

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