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REAL ESTATE & WhatsApp Widgets

New Real Estate website using our WhatsApp Landing page. New Real Estate Website using WhatsApp Link. From México. Lomas de Vista Hermosa. This cool Real Estate website https://southgate.id/elegance/ use WhatsApp Widget to engage with their customers and potential buyers Real Estate is a market where you need to quickly reach customers and arrange visits to your properties. The faster, better way to do this… Continue reading REAL ESTATE & WhatsApp Widgets

prismic.io and WhatsApp Widget

Websites? We call them growth factories. Generate growth by rapidly creating strategic, on-brand pages.Assemble them with re-usable website sections, aka Slices.

What is the “Tag” on your WhatsApp Widget?

WhatsApp Widget TAG space In the preparations we make in the Widgets before we publish them, we find an option called “Tag“ Editing your WhatsApp Widget👇 Settings > Tag ………………….. What is the Tag option? Exploring the new features of WhatsApp Widget you’ll see the TAG square. The tag option on your widget helps you… Continue reading What is the “Tag” on your WhatsApp Widget?

WhatsApp Widget selection-Photos

Design your auxiliary Widget with images that match your style. Maybe you are an agent with photographic talent and tried to decorate your WhatsApp Widget with some nicer details. The original design is to have a form that is easy to use and accessible to everyone. Secondly, this Widget is complete, easy to use and… Continue reading WhatsApp Widget selection-Photos

WhatsApp Widget designed for International 👱🏻‍♀️Women’s day

👩🏼‍🦱Decorate the WhatsApp Widget This is content for International Women’s day to prepare your widgets for this special occasion. Every year on March 8, women have their honor! They celebrate their existence, whether they are white or black, tall or short, plump or thin. March 8 was established by these women, who aspired to equality… Continue reading WhatsApp Widget designed for International 👱🏻‍♀️Women’s day