What is html5up.net

This is a free repository for HTML templates for your website. This is a great place to find your website pretty much ready to download and use.

This is a great starting point for your website. You can download and start working on your site but you need to have some basic HTML knowledge. Once you download a template from HTML5UP you can edit it to add your content.

How to add WhatsApp to your HTML5UP Template

We have done a version of HTML5UP Template for you with the WhatsApp widget ready to go. The problem with HTML5UP templates is that the “contact” section is not working. To make it work you need to use some PHP code to send emails. This is not easy to do unless you know how to setup your server.

We have done a version where you can use our WhatsApp Widgets to enable a super easy to use contact system with WhatsApp.

Add the WhatsApp Widget Code in the header

Now is when you can add your WhatsApp Widget code to your HTML5UP template. Now you will have a truly working website. The most important part of your site (to get contacts) now is fully working.

Final preview of your site with the WhatsApp Widget

This is the final look and feel for your website. The HTML5Up template is amazing and works great on mobile.

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By César Martín (ToChat.be)

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