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What is Api and how monetizes the WhatsApp application?

Traveling back in time, 3 years ago and specifically, in August 2018, the WhatsApp Business API first appeared in our ‘business’ lives to help businesses to communicate better with the customers via WhatsApp. The application programming interface (API), was born from Facebook and releases the contact between large companies and consumers.

This evolution of one simple messaging platform for business purposes pushed the spread of the idea for a faster and more standard message response for the business community. Everyone wanted to achieve a more vulnerable communication, full of positive vibes and impacts. So, was the time of change, the creation of API for businesses and professionals through WhatsApp.

(!) Some extras about APIs🛩

Generally, APIs are essentially a set of functions and procedures that transmit information between different applications. On its own, it has no front-end interface. 

How to get or make WhatsApp Api?

The WhatsApp Business API is a super useful, easy, and simple communication platform, with which you increase the dissemination of information and flexibility of your business and of your customers.

Sign up only takes a few minutes: 

Here we go

  1. Do you have a business Solution Provider (BSPs) ? Let’s be more detailed, use an application or a program to help you start to manage and integrate your business with WhatsApp. It’s a very good opportunity now if you haven’t already your WhatsApp link for businesses, do it now and make the beginning of the online presence! 
  2. Also explore our tools, Clientify and HubSpot on website , we support everything you imagine for your business needs with strong marketing advice/guidelines and campaign and sales processes in one place. 
  3. Create your account for free on (link), the only thing you need is your email and your mobile number with your country code. Mark some items and get the features for free. It would be convenient for you to become a premium with only $ 20/ year.
  4. Link all your accounts together, WhatsApp Business, simple WhatsApp, and your social media accounts to appear on your Business account. If you haven’t used social media for your business yet, just create them now, they are incredibly useful and offer many benefits. After, use your CRM, to verify your account and enter every information to your API.     #Visit our website for adding help and support.# 
  5. Usually larger companies and entrepreneurs need more. As you scale your company, you may start to find them limiting and insufficient the basic version of WhatsApp business and be on the hunt for more advanced features. Growing requires more expectations. If so, then keep reading and get the requirements you want. One of the biggest advantages is that the WhatsApp Api offers you 24 hours, or 1 day free, to check if it suits your business and decide to continue using it.

Keep in mind, if you’re a small business, you’re perhaps already using the WhatsApp Business app yourself to respond to the above queries. WhatsApp API helps any size business to respond positively to its tasks and obligations to the target-audience. 

What are the differences between WhatsApp Business and WhatsApp Business API?

First of all, the importance of the basic WhatsApp messaging Αpp is already known worldwide. Easy-to-use, completely free, and with the ability to communicate across borders, the WhatsApp Messenger took its first steps in 2009. Over the course of the decade, it has rapidly become the most popular messaging site in the world, and It is a well-known platform for all of us now, so we do not need to extend this article’s part.

Needs arose, the application itself was developed and evolved pieces that help the business sector, not just ordinary people-users. The WhatsApp company understood that there was a demand for more advanced and enterprise features, so WhatsApp got to work.

Thus, the business version was released. The WhatsApp company correctly predicted, released to the market the corporate version, the so-called WhatsApp Business. The benefits were huge, the list of the features of the Business profile, are:

  1. Quick Replies.
  2. Automatic Greeting Message.
  3. Automatic Away Message.
  4. Contacts Labels.
  5. Message Statistics.
  6. Catalogs.
  7. Interactive Business Message.

But for large companies, this development was not enough. They wanted something more. So it was decided to expand, and in August 2018 the WhatsApp Business API was released, which offers unlimited possibilities to its loyal customers. Designed for growing businesses and bigger companies, the WhatsApp Business API has the features of WhatsApp Business, to a developed level and offers a lot more. But what exactly does it contain?

  1. Finding a centralized dashboard and shared team inbox 
  2. Unlimited contact person management and extremely easy chat communication 
  3. Allowing multiple users to sign in to the dashboard at once
  4. Permitting third-party software integration, which was not compatible with previous versions 
  5. *Key Advantage: Sending programmatic responses to customers’ queries!
  6. Providing verification of an official business account via a green checkmark 
  7. Tracking of performance and key metrics, etc.

The depth of development can be seen in the above possibilities, one does not wonder the possible reasons why almost plenty of companies worldwide have turned to WhatsApp Business API, to shape the required upward trend in their communication.

The large-scale broadcast that WhatsApp Business API offers will be explained in the next section, we wrote some more lines about how you can do that.

Where to use WhatsApp Business API and how useful is it?

Discovering more about the WhatsApp Business API, we could mention that getting access to the WhatsApp Business API is a paradoxically controversial process, because depending on the number of resources you have, the money you want to spend, and the goals you set as a company. Some dreams and aspirations for development are willing to fulfill.

In short though, if you’re already using WhatsApp to interact with your clients and are thinking about integrating it with existing systems your business is using, the first step would be to get WhatsApp’s approval to access and use a business API for your company.

If you have the existing possibilities of WhatsApp Business and you just choose to expand them, it is in itself a huge precious prize in the quiver of communication on two sides, your business, and your customers.

The WhatsApp API provides a higher level of design that is required, so you can easily classify, interpret, and understand the information being sent and received, which can be very technical. 😍 Reading lines of code on a dashboard or board to visually have a bar of information, the Zoho app will help you with that.

The WhatsApp Business API strengthens and expands the power of your communication with customers all over the world, the communication becomes more simple, secure, convenient, and reliable. 

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