Every day we receive messages from companies that want to verify their WhatsApp account.

Unfortunately, 90% of these requests cannot be done because the company does not meet the minimum requirements to have a verified account.

On our website, you have available, in form format the essential questions that you have to answer to know if you can have your WhatsApp account verified.

First question to verify your WhatsApp account. Your CRM

The first and easiest question is if you currently have a CRM, accessing a verified WhatsApp account is equivalent to stopping using that WhatsApp number on your phone and starting to manage messages from a customer management application.

Many times some companies or individuals think that the verification of the WhatsApp account is only to have the green verification tick. It is very important to understand that once the phone is verified and associated with the company, that WhatsApp number will only be managed from a customer management application.

There are many client management applications. In the form, they appear the most common: Zoho, Jasport, Salesforce, … There are many customer management applications but with these we know that the WhatsApp API works correctly and therefore the integration will be very simple. This first step of whether or not you have a CRM, it is essential that you have it in your work plan. If you do not have a CRM, we can help you implement one, but this will be an additional job to get your WhatsApp verification.

Second question to verify your WhatsApp account. Services.

The next question is what type of services are you going to offer through WhatsApp. Here the range is very large and what we want to understand is that we can help you once you have your account verified. Simply select the services you want to offer through WhatsApp. The most popular are Booking, reminders, payments, menus.

Third question to verify your WhatsApp account. Do you use a bot?

In the next question we asked you about the use of bot. Automating your WhatsApp messages is an option that many companies use and want. Send appointment reminders, send notifications when packages are delivered or purchases are completed, automate quota management … There are many cases where a company wants to automate processes and uses one WhatsApp number to automate these processes. In this case, it may be that you do not have a CRM that you do not have agents that only want to verify your WhatsApp account to automate processes.

Fourth question to verify your WhatsApp account. Do you have a website?

The last questions are if you have a website, they are just that we can see what type of website you have and what type of products you sell. As you know, WhatsApp prohibits certain types of products and services through WhatsApp, we will verify your properties to clearly indicate if you can opt for the process or not.

Fifth question to verify your WhatsApp account. The number of agents.

The number of agents who are going to use the service is also an informative field if you have told us that you are going to use a bot, the answer here is probably zero. On the other hand, if you are going to use a CRM, your answer here is probably 4, 5 or more. Managing agents with a CRM and WhatsApp helps a lot to speed up all sales and support processes.

With the verified account, all your agents will work on the same phone number and therefore it will be very easy for them to contact you.

I must have my account verified

The verification of the WhatsApp account for any brand, any company that is recognized by its customers, we would say that it is a highly recommended process. Avoiding identity theft, avoiding spam but above all optimizing processes and having control over the management of your clients by your agents are the main reasons to have your account verified.

Question from an user:

WhatsApp Business Account Rejection

Hi all, don’t know if this is the right place, but does anybody know how to appeal a rejection for a WhatsApp Business Account? Not the “green tick” verification, not the “WhatsApp Business App”, but the WhatsApp Business account you need to have to access the WhatsApp business API?

My understanding is you use a WhatsApp Business Solution partner to apply, which I have done, but can’t see any documentation on how to appeal if they don’t approve your case?

Any guidance appreciated!

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By César Martín (ToChat.be)

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