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How to create your WhatsApp Link

  1. Go to Chatwith.io
  2. Type your phone number
  3. Use the right country code
  4. Add your name
  5. Add a custom message
  6. Press “get the link”      

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Benefits of having a WhatsApp Link

  • Add your link to WhatsApp to your Website or Instagram Profile

  • Increase conversion and engagement

  • Tracking with Analytics and Facebook pixel

  • Unlimited links and agents for unlimited pages, Campaigns and Ads

  • Create links to checkout for your WhatsApp Catalog. Get paid with a link

Unlimited domains, unlimited widgets, unlimited agents… unlimited everything.

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 Create your Link to WhatsApp

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Visual Examples of how would it look on an Halloween template for Instagram Stories

How to add your WhatsApp Link to your Instagram Story for Halloween Campaign

Connecting with the Instagram platform is one of the best ways of linking a WhatsApp Link.

Stories on Instagram with connecting your WhatsApp number is existing

  1. Sign in to your Chatwith.io account and Copy Your Link
  2. If you haven’t a Link to WhatsApp, create your own here https://chatwith.io
  3. Press Ok
  4. Connect to your Instagram account and click on the icon “your story”
  5. Upload a new photo with a caption, interwoven with the following link.
  6. Then in the story toolbar click on the third icon and select “🔗link“
  7. Copy your Link code to the blank
  8. And publish YOUR STORY

Watch the tutorial below. In this video, there are two distinct and very easy ways to connect your WhatsApp to your Instagram account

Video Step by Step

Video: WhatsApp Link for Instagram Stories

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  • Landing pages for you and your customers
  • Custom agents to track their performance and engagement with clients
  • Automated messages and bulk messaging campaigns 
  • Payment links
  • WhatsApp API: integrations

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