You can send your leads from WhatsApp Widget to HubSpot.

How to use HubSpot with WhatsApp

Hubspot is a great tool to manage your leads. This is what a CRM is all about. You have dozens or hundreds or thousands of leads and you need a system to keep track of all those leads. The best way to get new leads is to use WhatsApp in your website. With our WhatsApp Widget you can get daily new leads. With our Hubspot Connector you can send your leads to WhatsApp.

How to use HubSpot with WhatsApp

With this new integration you can send your leads from WhatsApp to HubSpot. The process is very simple. We have done everything for you:

  1. Find your HubSpot API KEY.
  2. Add your API KEY in your Account. If you do not have one, you can create one.
  3. Now, create a form for your agent. The information will go from your WhatsApp Widget to your form and to your WhatsApp.
  4. Setup the fields you want to send to HubSpot.
  5. Publish your Widget.

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How to integrate HubSpot with WhatsApp

Now we explain how to integrate HubSpot with WhatsApp Widget step by step. You can do it from your Website or from your Instagram account. To capture leads from Instagram and to send them to HubSpot and WhatsApp you need to use our WhatsApp Widget.

1 and 2. Add your HubSpot API KEY in your account

Access your account and add your “HubSpot key” in your profile. You can copy your API KEY from your HubSpot account. You need to have admin access.

3. Go to Forms and select the agent you want to link to HubSpot

You can add a form to your agent. The data from the form will go to your HubSpot.

4. Because you have your HubSpot linked you can link fields from the form to HubSpot

5. You will have access to all the data in your control panel


Connect your WhatsApp Widget with Hubspot CMS

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