(New) We have created a new plugin for WhatsApp Widget to make it easy to install in WordPress. View this video and download this free plugin.

If you want to add the WhatsApp Widget in your WordPress Website, you can use this simple instructions. You can always use Google Tag Manager but this simple method will make the widget visible in your website with a simple, easy to do, copy and paste code in your WordPress theme.

New website using our WhatsApp Widget in WordPress

How the WhatsApp Widget looks like in your website

You can add a simple button or you can add a full featured widget. You can choose what you want to have on your website.

You can add multiple agents, forms, timezones, bookings… and soon you will have payments.

How to install WhatsApp Widget in your WordPress Website

  1. Go to Appearance menu
  2. Go to theme editor
  3. Go to Theme Header
  4. Paste the script we give you just before the body tag.
  5. Save. You are ready to start conversations with your customers.

More information about our WhatsApp Widget for WordPress

How to add the WhatsApp Widget to specific pages in your WordPress website.

Custom CSS for your WhatsApp Widget.

Multilingual support for WordPress and WhatsApp Widget

For Polylang:
<?php if(pll_current_language() == ‘en’){ ?>
<?php } elseif(pll_current_language() == ‘es’){ ?>
    <!–  WIDGET SCRIPT –>
<?php } ?>
<?php if(ICL_LANGUAGE_CODE==’es’) { ?>
<?php } elseif(ICL_LANGUAGE_CODE==’en’) { ?>
<?php } ?>
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By César Martín (ToChat.be)

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