About us Enjoy the best design and functions with WhatsApp We are a team of developers working with WhatsApp. We will help you creating the best user experience from your Website or social media to WhatsApp. Add WhatsApp to your Website You can use our WhatsApp Widget everywhere. If you need support to install the […]
This is a list of the most popular widgets for Shopify. Up- & Cross Sell. Easily sell related items. Custom Swatches. Use product images automatically. GEO-IP Currency Converter. Changes currency automatically. Sales Notification. Create a feeling of missing out. Live Search Results. Shows results live when typing. Countdown Timer. Create a feeling of needing to […]
If you want to have an Online Chat in your Shopify website, this is the widget you need. Widget Whats is the best free WhatsApp Widget for your website. How this WhatsApp Widget Works? Create your account and configure your widget. Add our script to your website. We create a Script that you need to […]
You can add WhatsApp to your Shopify online store. Why Shopify is so popular? Shopify is the platform for almost 1 million online stores. Just to compare, Magento has around 250,000 stores and WooCommerce reach is almost 3 million stores. As you can see Shopify has grown a lot in this years. The strategy they […]
If you want to add WhatsApp to your Shopify Website, you can use our free Widget.  
This Shopify Theme allows you to save big bucks bundling a large set of add ons in one package. Just to give you a hint of these amazing add-ons, this is a list of the most popular ones: Up- & Cross Sell Sales Notification Custom Swatches GEO-IP Currency Converter Live Search Results Countdown Timer Discount […]
Getting more sales and winning more deals are the major drivers for growth in your online store with Shopify. Enhanced sales productivity is why sales automation, recovering abandoned shopping carts, getting positive customer reviews, NPS, are among the most demanded areas to start implementing your WhatsApp Widget with Shopify. With an efficient and easy-to-use sales […]
If you want to add WhatsApp to your Shopify online store, this is the best option. Shopify has an online store for add-ons but most of them are premium plugins you need to buy. We offer you one of the few free widgets for your Shopify website. How to add WhatsApp Widget to Shopify First […]
WhatsApp Widget for your website Are you looking for a WhatsApp Widget compatible with your website? Be it HTML, Wix, Shopify, Drupal, WordPress, Google Sites, Joomla, PrestaShop or others. There are a few WhatsApp widget solutions available for all these types of websites. Unfortunately many of them work only with a certain type of domain […]
We started as an addon we built for a client. Then we release the add on to the WordPress marketplace. Growth started and today we have +26,000 active installations (june 2020). We did not pivot. Our key product challenge are: Create a better experience for our user in terms of back office. Create a better […]
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