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Vitamina Online – Shopify Experts

Somos una agencia digital Mexicana integrada por un equipo talentoso de más de 9 años de experiencia. Especializada en implementar estrategias de comercialización digital a la medida como es el diseño de páginas web, tiendas en línea con Shopify y marketing digital con Google.

WhatsApp Order Notification for Shopify

What is Shopify? Shopify is a subscription-based software that allows anyone to set up an online store and sell their products. Shopify store owners can also sell in physical locations using Shopify POS, our point-of-sale app and accompanying hardware. If you’re a Shopify merchant with both an online and physical presence, your inventory and stock get synced… Continue reading WhatsApp Order Notification for Shopify

Shopify Widgets – most popular

This is a list of the most popular widgets for Shopify. Up- & Cross Sell. Easily sell related items. Custom Swatches. Use product images automatically. GEO-IP Currency Converter. Changes currency automatically. Sales Notification. Create a feeling of missing out. Live Search Results. Shows results live when typing. Countdown Timer. Create a feeling of needing to… Continue reading Shopify Widgets – most popular

Nopsbit.com – Shopify Theme. Save $2,000 buying this amazing theme

This Shopify Theme allows you to save big bucks bundling a large set of add ons in one package. Just to give you a hint of these amazing add-ons, this is a list of the most popular ones: Up- & Cross Sell Sales Notification Custom Swatches GEO-IP Currency Converter Live Search Results Countdown Timer Discount… Continue reading Nopsbit.com – Shopify Theme. Save $2,000 buying this amazing theme

More sales and winning more deals with WhatsApp and Shopify

Getting more sales and winning more deals are the major drivers for growth in your online store with Shopify. Enhanced sales productivity is why sales automation, recovering abandoned shopping carts, getting positive customer reviews, NPS, are among the most demanded areas to start implementing your WhatsApp Widget with Shopify. With an efficient and easy-to-use sales… Continue reading More sales and winning more deals with WhatsApp and Shopify

Free WhatsApp Widget for Shopify – Step by step guide

If you want to add WhatsApp to your Shopify online store, this is the best option. Shopify has an online store for add-ons but most of them are premium plugins you need to buy. We offer you one of the few free widgets for your Shopify website. How to add WhatsApp Widget to Shopify First… Continue reading Free WhatsApp Widget for Shopify – Step by step guide

klaviyo.com CRM with WhatsApp

Klaviyo and post ios14 audiences It can be said that if your online store has more than 1000 subscribers and you are not harnessing the power of automation with WhatsApp to increase sales, you are leaving money that you could earn. The integration of Klaviyo and WhatsApp is offered exclusively by Chatwith.io. Fill in the… Continue reading klaviyo.com CRM with WhatsApp

ManyChat alternatives

What is ManyChat? Free up to 1000 users. automate messenger, instagram, whatsapp and sms. and integrations with shopify, hubspot, etc. ManyChat is an inbox to automate messages with WhatsApp. You can connect Treble with HubSpot and other tools. They do not offer a direct access to the platform. You need to talk with a sales… Continue reading ManyChat alternatives

Digital Mao

WE ARE A STARTUP INNOVATION IS NOT A CHOICE: IT IS OUR LIFESTYLE We are digital natives. A heterogeneous team that unites experts from the world of commerce, digital marketing and creative souls. Together we want to revolutionize the way eCommerce is done. We are human. We design intuitive customer journeys and personal digital experiences.… Continue reading Digital Mao

WhatsApp Widget on website

What is a WhatsApp Widget for websites? WhatsApp Widget is a great tool for your website, which redirects the users straight to a WhatsApp conversation after just one click, which safes a lot of time, contrary to usual phone number hidden somewhere on the website, which the user has to find and type into their… Continue reading WhatsApp Widget on website

The best WhatsApp Widget on the market l COMPARISON l

WhatsApp Widget for your website Are you looking for a WhatsApp Widget compatible with your website? Be it HTML, Wix, Shopify, Drupal, WordPress, Google Sites, Joomla, PrestaShop or others. There are a few WhatsApp widget solutions available for all these types of websites. Unfortunately many of them work only with a certain type of domain… Continue reading The best WhatsApp Widget on the market l COMPARISON l

How to sell more online with WhatsApp – Checklist

Use the CRM tool integrated with your mobile phone: WhatsApp Find immediately the information you need with Google Analytics. Measure the performance of your WhatsApp Channel. Improve team communication and collaboration dealing with customer organisations. With WhatsApp Widget you can add as many agents as you need creating specific channels for specific areas (sales, support,… Continue reading How to sell more online with WhatsApp – Checklist

Better sales and renewals with WhatsApp

Account and contact management are positively impacted with the usage of WhatsApp Widget in your e-commerce website (PrestShop, Shopify, Magento) with the possibility to: Identify instantly potential crossed opportunities in your customer base. The best way to scale up your revenue is to cross sell. You need to know who is buying what and make… Continue reading Better sales and renewals with WhatsApp

Personalice the WhatsApp Widget position

You can define where you want your widget position. The widget can be presented on the right bottom of the screen or in the left bottom of the screen. This feature allows you to personalised the look and feel of your widget in your Wix Website, WordPress, Shopify. Create your free account today and create… Continue reading Personalice the WhatsApp Widget position