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Create a link to WhatsApp 🤓

Universal links are the preferred method of linking to a WhatsApp account but you will be missing important elements for your marketing efforts.

  • With Universal links you do not have stats for your link to WhatsApp.
  • You can not personalize your link URL.
  • You can not create different links for your WhatsApp number to track your users (users coming from twitter, users coming from YouTube).

This is the tolls we give you and will help you creating an amazing link to WhatsApp.

Create WhatsApp link

Hi, welcome to our site and we want to help you create your WhatsApp Link. This is a very important tool for your business and online sales. You can be a teacher, trainer, coach, lawyer, designer, SEO, Agency… and you want to engage with your customers using the best Chat Tool (WhatsApp).

WhatsApp Link

With your custom link to WhatsApp, you can have the ultimate tool to get new customers in your WhatsApp Chat.

If you think you need a WhatsApp API LINK just read this article.

  1. Download PDF guideHow to Create your link to WhatsApp
  2. Create your link with our free tool
  3. Share your link to WhatsApp in Instagram (view this example)
  4. Check your stats in your link to WhatsApp (we will give you free stats)

Why should i create a WhatsApp link?

There are a good handfull of reasons, why it would be a great idea for you and or business, to make a link to your WhatsApp, and we are going to mention as many of them as possible in this article.

With a link to your WhatsApp account, you can f.x:

  • Create easier access to you for your customers ✅
  • Improve your service, support and sales 📈
  • Share your contact information with everyone, anywhere, at any time 🌍
  • Collect valuable knowledge about your customers in your database 📝
  • Connect with your customers, only with a single click on your link ☝️
  • Have all everything you need to create the best possible service and support gathered in the best communication app available 🏅
  • And much more!..🔥

WhatsApp Link

This is your link to WhatsApp👉

This page is what you will see, when you go to, which is where you can create your WhatsApp link. As you can see, there are not many steps, you only have to put in your number, name or company name and a short message for your users. 👌

The most common mistake when making a WhatsApp link! ⚠️

Make sure you don’t make any mistakes, that could cause your link to not work! 👇

Dont make this mistake!

Remember to use the correct country code, otherwise the link will not work! ⛔️

How to create a WhatsApp link

  1. You need to have your phone number with your country code.
  2. You can add a welcome message.
  3. That´s all you need
  4. Go to and create your link to WhatsApp

Your link to WhatsApp would look like this:

💚 Create a Link to WhatsApp for StatusThe page with the greatest mobility in creating Links!🚦 Share your link to WhatsApp in your Status. Check this tutorial and learn how to do it.

📈 Request your link to WhatsApp for BUSINESS here

❤️ Request your link to WhatsApp for DATING and MEET NEW FRIENDS

🍓 FRUIT and VEGETABLES WhatsApp Link

💰Link to WhatsApp for FINTECH and INSURANCE

💹 Link to WhatsApp for Stripe Payments

🔥 Link to WhatsApp for HUBSPOT

Add your link to WhatsApp to your Status

You can add your link to WhatsApp to your WhatsApp Status. Here we give you some templates you can copy and paste.

Hi I’m NAME, ❤️ please click on my WhatsApp Link 😀 to start a conversation 👉

WhatsApp URL

With our tool to create your link to WhatsApp, you can create your custom WhatsApp URL. You can create a simple easy to use WhatsApp URL link like:

You can use our tool to create your custom WhatsApp URL and use the link to your WhatsApp as part of your message. When you share your link on Instagram, Youtube, or Facebook, the link information is relevant. So use it as part of your branding.

WhatsApp number link

You can also use your number as the link in your WhatsApp Link. Some users like to have their phone number as part of the link.

With our tool using one number, you can generate unlimited links and check the stats for each link. If you are running different campaigns or promotions, this option is very important.

Generate WhatsApp link

If you need to generate your Whatsapp link you can use our tool to do it. Why you should use our tool to generate WhatsApp Link?

  1. You can generate as many links as you want.
  2. You can customize your WhatsApp Link
  3. You can track the clicks on your links and understand your performance
  4. We help you with a beautiful landing page for your link to WhatsApp
  5. We help you with Whatsapp Groups to promote your business.

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More WhatsApp links

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What happens once you have your link to WhatsApp?

Once you have your link to WhatsApp you can share it on Instagram, LinkTree, Twitter, Facebook, Tik Tok.

How to share your link to WhatsApp on Facebook

Once you have your link to WhatsApp, you can share it on Facebook using the posts. Here you have some screenshots about how to do it.

🚀Follow the steps:

1st Create and Share your WhatsApp Link

You may have just created your link and want to share it with your online friends. Οr if you have created it but did not know how to share it, go to, and since you already have an account, log in and follow the instructions …

Click at “Copy and share your link”

After go to your Facebook profile and create a post💻

Paste the link you just copied in a new post, and write a description like this😎

But before you publish it, select your audience (friends, specific friends, or public audience).

It is better to choose the public audience because more and more people will interact with you, especially if you have a business and promote your products. It also helps you become more accessible and attract people. And press “Publication”

Also, you can publish your WhatsApp link your profile “information” 😎

Type a small resume at the “information about you” and explain to your friends, that you use the WhatsApp link

make it clear that they can find you on your personal WhatsApp profile, simply by using this link. 🎯

Update: how to create WhatsApp link for multiple numbers

Hi, now you can manage multiple phone numbers from one account. This will help you manage all your numbers from one single account and you will be able to manage different landing pages.

WhatsApp Link 2021

If you want to create a link to open WhatsApp you can use this free tool. With this free tool, you can create a link with a personalized message linking to your WhatsApp account. This is a very simple, easy-to-use tool if you want to add specific links to your website.

Get a personalized WhatsAppTM link

You can read this article in 👇

🇹🇷 Turkish:WhatsApp Linki Olusturma

🇲🇾 Malaysian: Cara buat link ke WhatsApp? Senang je! 🤓

🇵🇱 Polish: Utwórz link do WhatsAppa

🇩🇰 Danish: Lav et link til WhatsApp

🇪🇸 Spanish: Crea un enlace a WhatsApp

🇬🇷 Greek: Δημιούργησε ένα Link στο WhatsApp 

Updated December, 15th 2020

How to set up a WhatsApp link

You only need your phone number and your country code. Remember to add your country code while setting up your link to WhatsApp. Once your phone number is in the field, you can add a welcome message for your visitors as a “default message”. That message will help you identify your user’s origin. You can create a link for Twitter, Facebook, Youtube and with the “welcome message,” you can identify the users’ source. You can use something like “I saw you on Twitter and I need more information…” or “I saw your Youtube video and I need more information”. That way you can track your users and understand the channel that gives you more leads.

There is a lot you can learn from a link.

Updated October, 21st 2020

Add a landing page to your WhatsApp Link

With our service, you can connect your WhatsApp Link to a landing page. If you do not have a website, this service will help you offer your users more information about your business before they jump to your WhatsApp number. You can include a description of your company or an offering on the landing page, the amount of text is used according to your needs, can be significant.

Check your Stats for your WhatsApp Link

Access your account to get access to your Stats. We give you Stats for every account so you can review your performance. What channels, what promotions, what ideas, banners are working better. You can track your performance with our stats and that is the way to improve. Do not create just one link. Add more links and test your ideas to engage with your customers. Get to know where your customers are coming from.

The video below will show you in details, how you can check the stats for each of your WhatsApp links! 📈

Check the stats for all your WhatsApp links! 🔥

Updated August, 21st 2020

Always use your country code for your link to WhatsApp

When you create your link to WhatsApp, please add your country code. If you do not use your country code the link will not work. Here you can check a list of WhatsApp country codes. Your phone number must have always your country code. This is important. Remember to type the country code without 00 or + in the beginning. If you do not know your country code, just send us a WhatsApp. We will be happy to help.

Updated July, 21st 2020

How to find my WhatsApp link

Once you create your link to WhatsApp with you will have your link to WhatsApp in your dashboard. You can copy this link and just share it on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram.

If you need to recover your link or create a new one, you can log in anytime in your account and recover the link. To login, please access and click on the “login” button.

You can also read this article in Turkish, Malaysian, and Polish.

Link to WhatsApp – New version

We just launched a new version for the Link to WhatsApp. Now you can manage the links and keep track of the clicks you receive. If you are into marketing, if you want to sell more, if you want to create promotions, this is the best tool to learn and understand your customers.

Now you can access your account to manage your links. You can create as many as you wish.

In your control panel, you can manage, edit, and keep track of your links to understand and learn about your customers. Which products are working better, what promotions are performing better, which channels are creating more users?

This update is going to help you a lot. Please, send us your feedback.

This tool will help you with creating links to WhatsApp inside your content.

When do you need to create a link to WhatsApp?

There are some occasions when you need to create a link to WhatsApp.

  • You have a website and you want to add a link in a post to your WhatsApp.
  • You want to include a link to your WhatsApp in Linkedin.
  • You want to include a link to your WhatsApp in Instagram.
  • You have a Facebook page where you want to share a WhatsApp link.
  • You want to add a link to your WhatsApp in a Youtube video.

There are plenty of opportunities to add a link to your WhatsApp. You want to reach new customers and a link to WhatsApp is the best tool to start the conversation with merely one click.

Why do you need to create a link to WhatsApp?

The main reason is you want to start a conversation and you know that:

  • Email is not working. Spam, delays, you do not care, nobody reads them anymore nowadays
  • Forms are dead.
  • Phone calls are too intrusive and you are busy doing other things.

How can you create a link to WhatsApp?

It is very simple. Just use this link to this free tool to create your link. Add your country code, your phone number, and the message.

Copy the link and you are good to go.

It’s that simple.

How to edit or change your WhatsApp link?

In this video, we explain how to edit or change your WhatsApp Link. Once you have created your WhatsApp link you can edit the link anytime.

  • You can edit your WhatsApp link.
  • You can delete your WhatsApp link.

Benefits of using WhatsApp link

  • Quick and easy way for your customers to reach you, all it takes is just one click and they end up in a conversation with you
  • By linking users to your WhatsApp you create a valuable database which you can use for marketing and promotions later on
  • By receiving all requests in one place you can provide swift high quality customer service & support
  • Gives you the ability to link users of multiple social media platforms and gather them into solely one BEST communicating app on the market
  • You inherently provide a higher quality of customer service whenever you’re connected to the phone

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We develop WhatsApp solutions, WhatsApp API and WhatsApp Widgets. Please contact us for more information. We are here to help you.


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