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If you want to create a link to open WhatsApp you can use this free tool. With this free tool you can create a link with a personalice message linking to your WhatsApp account. This is a very simple easy to use tool if you want to add specific links inside your website.

Create your link to whatsapp

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Updated August, 21st 2020

Always use your country code for your link to WhatsApp

When you create your link to WhatsApp, please add your country code. If you do not use your country code the link will not work. Here you can check a list of WhatsApp country codes.


Updated July, 21st 2020

How to find my Whatsapp link

Once you create your link to WhatsApp with ChatWith.io you will have your link to WhatsApp in your dashboard. You can copy this link and just share it in twitter, facebook, instagram.

If you need to recover your link or create a new one, you can login anytime in your account and recover the link. To login, please access ChatWith.io and click on the “login” button.

You can also read this article in Turkish and Malaysian.

Link to WhatsApp – New version

We just launch a new version for the Link to WhatsApp. Now you can manage the links and keep track of the clicks you receive. If you are into marketing, if you want to sell more, if you want to create promotions, this is the best tool to learn and understand your customers.

Now you can access your account to manage your links.

In your control panel, you can manage, edit, and keep track of your links to understand and learn about your customers. What products are working better, what promotions are performing better, what channels are creating more users.

This update is going to help a lot to you. Please, send your feedback.

This tool will help you creating links to WhatsApp inside your content.

How to create a WhatsApp link

When do you need to create a link to WhatsApp?

There are some occasions where you need to create a link to WhatsApp.

  • You have a website and you want to add a link in a post to your WhatsApp.
  • You want to include a link to your WhatsApp in Linkedin.
  • You want to include a link to your WhatsApp in Instagram.
  • You want to add a link to your WhatsApp in a Youtube video.

There are plenty of opportunities to add a link to your WhatsApp. You want to reach new customers and a link to WhatsApp is the best tool to start the conversation.

Why do you need to create a link to WhatsApp?

The main reason is you want to start a conversation and you know that:

  • Email is not working. Spam, delays, you do not care.
  • Forms are dead.
  • Phone calls are too intrusive and you are busy doing other things.

How you can create a link to WhatsApp?

It is very simple. Just use this link to this free tool to create your link. Add your country code, your phone number and message.

Copy the link and you are good to go.

Is that simple.

How to edit or change your WhatsApp link?

In this video we explain how to edit or change your WhatsApp Link. Once you have created your WhatsApp link you can edit the link anytime.

  • You can edit your WhatsApp link.
  • You can delete your WhatsApp link.


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  1. Hi, thank you for the tool. I have one question.
    Can I create a link to WhatsApp for my twitter account? How can I do that?

  2. This is great to tool, but I want to know what I need to do to have a PayPal Button on my WhatsApp. I want to be able to sell and get payments from my customers with WhatsApp. Is that something you can do? Thank you.

  3. We are now 85,000 users using the link to WhatsApp. Thank you everyone. We are working hard to make the tool more useful.

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