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Whatsapp embed Code

If you have a PHP or HTML website you may need to have “script” you can embed in your Code.

Embed WhatsApp chat in website

If this is what you need you can use this free tool to generate the WhatsApp Widget that you can embed in your site. We understand sometimes you develop your own website and you need to have a WhatsApp Chat Box to engage with your users.

How to generate a code for WhatsApp?

  1. Go to the site and create an account.
  2. Personalice your Widget. Define the look and feel, agents, URL, etc…
  3. Publish your script and you are ready to go.

Widget Whatsapp HTML

The same may happens here. If you have a HTML website and you need a free WhatsApp Widget you can use this script.

In this youtube video you can see step by step how to add your WhatsApp Widget to your website.

WhatsApp web in iframe

Using an Iframe is not the best option to add your WhatsApp widget. It is better to use a simple link to WhatsApp + a button with CSS. Iframes are not accesible and sometimes you can face issues with opening a new window to launch WhatsApp in the desktop version.

Create a better version of you WhatsApp widget, using our script.




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