Add WhatsApp Widget to Webflow CMS. Use the embed premium element to add a free WhatsApp Widget.

What is Webflow?

New website using webflow and WhatsApp Widget

Webflow is a web design tool, CMS and a hosting platform, it gives you power to design, build and launch responsive websites visually. The Webflow designer is a photoshop-like interface which allows users to generate semantic markup by dragging and dropping HTML elements to a canvas and styling CSS properties. The interface is pretty complex, especially for someone without the basic knowledge of development, but after learning the basics initially it can be very beneficial in terms of what it’s going to teach its users.

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Just like the designer, CMS is a code-free web development tool. It contains in-Designer elements (where people who design the website work) as well as on-site elements(where client and content manager works). The CMS lets you structure content types which you will publish continously, product pages, blog posts – by combining modular “fields”. Once you’ve created your content types called “collections” you can then use the Designer to determine how collection items look on the site.

The hosting

Finally the Webflow hosting platform. Backed by Amazon Web Services (AWS) and Fastly, it’s extremely fast, very-reliable, and you’ll need it to enjoy some of the best features, including:

  • The CMS
  • The Editor
  • Form management
  • Responsive images (automatic resizing of images by device to improve performance)
  • Free SSL/HTTPS (improved site security that Google is basically making a must for sites that ask for visitor information)

WhatsApp Widget for Webflow

We are the company offering the best, most customizable WhatsApp widget, along with support. Did you know that at the moment WhatsApp is the #1 communicator in the world with over 2 billion users. You can easily integrate our solution to your Webflow website, acquire more clients, sell more and provide better support. Take a look at the features of WhatsApp widget:

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If you are aiming to maximize the movement on the website, maximize sells and grow your business fast, include our WhatsApp widget to your Webflow website. Apart from contacting clients, you can also launch marketing promotions (by creating a database of the users’ phone numbers you can introduce a new promotion is seconds, using bulk messaging option), send coupons, run surveys, do everything to get closer to your customers and make them loyal to the brand you are creating.

We have created this sample website with WebFlow to showcase how to add a WhatsApp button with WebFlow.

WebFlow is a real good alternative for WordPress. The templates are great and very easy to use. The editor is good and powerful.

You can add a WhatsApp Widget in the premium version of WebFlow, but you can use the free version of WebFlow and just add a link to WhatsApp button.

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