WhatsApp is the best link you can add in your FaceBooks posts to engage with your users. Learn here how to create your link, how to share it and how to get stats of your link. In this article you will learn how to put WhatsApp link on facebook post.

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Facebook manual❕

Once you have your link to WhatsApp, you can share it on Facebook using the posts. Here you have some screenshots about how to do it.

🚀Follow the steps:

1st Copy and Share your WhatsApp Link

You may have just created your link and want to share it with your online friends. Οr if you have created it but did not know how to share it, go to ChatWith.io, and since you already have an account, log in and follow the instructions …

Click at “Copy and share your link

*If you haven’t WhatsApp Link yet, click on the image and create your account*

Or tap here and read how to create a WhatsApp Link!!!

Your link to WhatsApp would look like this: https://api.whatsapp.com/send?phone=%2B34915472902&text=%28whatsapp-link%29+Hi%2C+I+want+my+link+to+WhatsApp

After go to your Facebook profile and create a post💻

Paste the link you just copied in a new post, and write a description like this😎

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is Σχέδιο-χωρίς-τίτλο-13-1.png

But before you publish it, select your audience (friends, specific friends, or public audience).

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is Στιγμιότυπο-οθόνης-42.png

It is better to choose the public audience because more and more people will interact with you, especially if you have a business and promote your products. It also helps you become more accessible and attract people. And press “Publication”

Also, you can publish your WhatsApp link your profile “information” 🤖

Type a small resume at the “information about you” and explain to your friends, that you use the WhatsApp link

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is Σχέδιο-χωρίς-τίτλο-14-1.png

make it clear that they can find you on your personal WhatsApp profile, simply by using this link. 🎃

Which one is the best way to share your link?

Not that we have given you two different ways to share your link, which one is the best way to share your link, and which one should you use for your business?

How to share your link!

There is a short and easy answer to this. USE BOTH!

The good thing about having social media accounts is, that it is totally free, and so is your WhatsApp link. So when sharing your link, we recommend sharing it on your profil, and include it in posts too!

In the video above, we explain why this is a good idea, and show you how to do it!

If you Manage a Facebook page

Link your WhatsApp Business account to your Facebook Page to view WhatsApp chat ads. These ads allow you to communicate with customers by clicking the Send Message to your Facebook or Instagram ad to open a WhatsApp chat.

Do it simple 🤗

Open the product page on Facebook, tap > More Options. Tap the WhatsApp icon. Select the person or group you’d like to share the product page with. Tap the send button or Next.

💡 More tips!!

Tapping a product page link sent in a WhatsApp chat will open the product page directly in WhatsApp. From there, you can tap:

  • The images in the Shop More section explore other products and services offered by the business.
  • The business name to view the business profile associated with this shop.
  • Message to start a conversation with the business about the specific product you’re viewing.

Why should you share your link on your Facebook page?

  1. When you connect your WhatsApp Business number you can add a button to your Facebook page helping people to communicate with your easily using WhatsApp. This can be a great strategy for lead generation and quickly connecting with your audience.
  2. You can place ads on Facebook that have WhatsApp messages as the call-to-action button.

Gives you the ability to link users of Facebook and gather them into solely one best communicating app on the market. They just simply click the LINK and get chatting.

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