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Use our WhatsApp Widget https://services.tochat.be

If you want to add a WhatsApp Widget to your Drupal website, this is the best plugin and it is free.

This is the best WhatsApp plugin for Drupal

and to start working you need to:

  1. Create your account
  2. Configure your WhatsApp Widget
  3. Add your phone number to WhatsApp Widget
  4. Copy the script and add it to your Drupal website

Copy the script inside:

  • /sites/all/themes/uiris/templates
  • page.tpl.php

Or you can create a module to add the WhatsApp script. In the video we explain both options to add WhatsApp to your Drupal Website.

How to add WhatsApp Widget to your Drupal Website – video

We have done these two videos to go step by step and configure your WhatsApp module in your Drupal website.

If you are using Drupal to create your website and you need to add a WhatsApp Module we can help you with our free tool.

You just need to create a free account to create the script to insert in your Drupal Template.

Drupal is quite a popular CMS and ranks number two / three in the world and counts for about 5% of the total websites.

If you want to add a WhatsApp Widget to your site, just use our tool.

  1. Create your free account today.
  2. Personalice your WhatsApp Widget for your Drupal website.
  3. Copy the Script to your website.
  4. Ready to go!!

More tips and tutorials about how to insert your WhatsApp Widget.

Drupal Websites using WhatsApp Widget

https://vascular.pro/ Brazil, Drupal Website.

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