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Great examples of LinkTree and WhatsApp

Ana Colon (Spain) Linktree. Category: Cosmetic and Beauty.

Kika Laje (Portugal) Linktree. Category: Nutrition.

LinkTree > Teresa Martin. Category Beauty and Cosmetic. Salamanca (Spain)

Connect WhatsApp with LinkTree

A majestic tool that will stand out on Instagram, which excites the world of instagram marketing called LinkTree, Let’s read the reasons why your page needs this application so much and how you can use it to make your business page even more visitable and popular.

View this video about how to link WhatsApp from LinkTree.

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PDF manual: Create your link to WhatsApp in LinkTree

We also have a guide for you to download, so you can get your WhatsApp link on Linktree today! 👇

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Limitations of Instagram 🎈

Certainly, Instagram is a social media that is growing rapidly. However, it still has limitations in several things.

  • The user cannot put a link that takes you to a website.
  • Does not allow you to put more than one link in your bio (something that for a corporate, but not only page, would be very important).

These 2 restrictions are solved by using the LinkTree application, with LinkTree you can send your followers to a page where they can see all the links you have put.

More variety of reasons, you need to add WhatsApp to LinkTree… 🌐

  1. Your website sucks in mobile
  2. Your website takes 30 seconds to load
  3. I already saw all the good stuff in Instagram. I just want to contact you
  4. Focus on what’s important
  5. Add WhatsApp link in LinkTree

This tool offered a way for users to add more links to their Instagram profile, compared to the one that could be added to the bio. Also, helps to improve their Insta account traffic. So, if you are using LinkTree you can add your WhatsApp link.

And it worked great. This was the reason why many brand influencers, marketers, online creative experts and entrepreneurs used Linktree.

View our LinkTree page
You can add your WhatsApp link to LinkTree if that is the platform you are using.

You can add your link to WhatsApp just using our link tool generator.

Watch on this YouTube video, the step by step explanation of how to add the WhatsApp Link to your LinkTree profile.

Unsafe URL LinkTree WhatsApp📵

Many feel that Linktree is flawless because it simply does what it promises. But before you click the button to create a free account, read some reasons that may make you reconsider. But sometimes appears problems with the links, so I gonna show you how to resolve LinkTree unsafe URL problem and why many links are not showing up in the LinkTree link list.

Firstly visit your LinkTree admin account, and log in to your account. Click on the feature “Add New Link”, after enter the title of your link and below the URL, then the link evaluation from the LinkTree application is displayed directly. And most of the time it shows you that the link is unsafe to use.

This is solved by visiting, a URL shortener built with powerful tools to help you grow and protect your brand.

The solution is:

Paste your link in the page bar to shrink the URL And click the SHORTEN button, the first result will appear click copy, copy the new URL you got from Bitly and visit the LinkTree page again. There again edit the unsafe URL and put the new one you got.

Your new link is accessible, the button has turned green which means it is completely secure and receptive to the list of LinkTree and to your Instagram account. Only, refresh 🔄 LinkTree page to make it clear that your new link is completely safe.

Your problem is solved in just 2 minutes, so simple!🤓

All our links are safe and you can use them.

1. Tatabagshopmalang | Link to WhatsApp. Fashion. Malaysia.

2. beautetox.mjk | Link to WhatsApp. Malaysia

3. cangcimed | Link to WhatsApp | Illustrator. Malaysia.

5. Dnew_dawn | Link to WhatsApp | Clothing.

6. luielei | Link to WhatsApp | Italy. Hair Style.

7. | Link to WhatsApp | Order Food. Japanese Premium Cusine. Malaysia.

8. Ummuhudza | Link to WhatsApp | Clothing.

9. amadel.desing | Link to WhatsApp | Clothing. Chile.

10. byfloreine | Link to WhatsApp | Art.

11. cuerosrochas | Link to WhatsApp | Amor por el cuero💕, representado en comodidad y estilo a través de zapatos, bolsos, morrales y accesorios.

12. EstudioForciniti | Link to WhatsApp | Legal. Argentina.

13. | Link to WhatsApp | News.

14. hodiproject | Link to WhatsApp | Home Decoration Ideas.

15. janertw | Link to WhatsApp | Clothing.

16. kingexclusive | Link to WhatsApp | Clothing.

17. | Link to WhatsApp | Digital Printing.

18. Radiantbeautybar | Link to WhatsApp | Cosmetics.

19. | Link to WhatsApp | Jewellery. Colombia.

20. sewaktuwatchparts | Link to WhatsApp | Provide spare parts for watches.

21. simasmikro | Link to WhatsApp | Clothing.

22. Sky.stationery_ | Link to WhatsApp | Stationery.

23. Sminkbynellyastacio | Link to WhatsApp | Coupons.

24. Snackiezbywan | Link to WhatsApp | Chocolate.

25. Tikamisu | Link to WhatsApp | Homemade Tiramisu.

26. Veggiekitchenrd | Link to WhatsApp | Food Vegie.

27. yenzshopp_ | Link to WhatsApp | Clothing.

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