You can add WhatsApp to your Shopify online store.

Why Shopify is so popular?

Shopify is the platform for almost 1 million online stores. Just to compare, Magento has around 250,000 stores and WooCommerce reach is almost 3 million stores.

As you can see Shopify has grown a lot in this years. The strategy they follow to grow was to create an “Apple” experience. Some easy to use, everything lock in and everything integrated.

This strategy creates a lot of users who just want an online store that works.

Why you need WhatsApp in your Shopify Store?

WhatsApp is the best solution for support and sales. Is the best channel to start a conversation with your customers.

Why? Is the best chat, works really really well and it is completely multimedia. You can add pictures, links, videos, documents… this is something very rare in a chat widget. Also works really fast and the communication is excellent. Notifications are the best and most users have those activated.

How to add WhatsApp to Shopify?

In this article we explain step by step how to add WhatsApp to Shopify.

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