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Victoria Bain 
 • Very good widget!!! Spoke with their support team to get some help with setting it up and they were very helpful

soredadux  • Funciona maravillosamente! Lo instale en mi página web y definitivamente es lo mejor que he probado para agregar Whatsapp! Muchas felicitaciones, está estupendo!

Create the best WhatsApp experience for your website. Create a WhatsApp Widget for your SquareSpace website with our easy to use widget. You can configure everything in 2 minutes. Get more customers WhatsApping you.

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TUTORIAL – How to add WhatsApp Widget to SquareSpace Website

Our free WhatsApp Widget is the best tool to mange your agents and communications in SquareSpace with WhatsApp. We can help you and support you during the installation process.

You need to create an account and configure your widget.

Once you have the code ready, you just need to copy and paste it in your SquareSpace website.

View live example of Square Space with WhatsApp.

You can add WhatsApp Widget to your SquareSpace website.

This company from Italy can help you with the configuration.


SquareSpace is a great CMS to create your Website. Beautiful templates and easy to use interface for your website.

How to add WhatsApp to SquareSpace

If you want to add WhatsApp Widget to your SquareSpace website you can do it using this option:

Go to Settings — Advanced — Code injection

There you can paste the “script” we generate in your SquareSpace website.

Live Chat for SquareSpace

With this widget you can have a Live Chat for your users and you can improve support and sales. With WhatsApp in SquareSpace you will be able to manage your customers easily.

WhatsApp Widget gallery for SquareSpace

You can create your own design using our editor.

By César Martín (ToChat.be)

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