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Great example of WhatsApp Widget usage

Sometimes the best practise you can get, is to look for inspiration among other people, who are doing the same thing as you. That is no different when it comes to best practise with WhatsApp Widgets, online presence and customer support.

WhatsApp Widget Tips and Tricks

Having a WhatsApp Widget is one of the biggest favors you can do yourself and your business, but no tool is worth much, if the people in charge of it is not up-to-date with how it works, or the benefits of using it

How to add an agent to your Widget

Adding an agent to your WhatsApp Widget can be the whole different between having a decent presence for your visitors, and having an amazing support, service or sales channel for your customers to easily access

Why a WhatsApp Widget is a must-have

Everyone who are running an online business, has his/hers own webshop, or simply is responsible for the customers and marketing a their company knows, that the key to a succesfull online business, is all about the presence, service and support

Blocking the WhatsApp widget and WhatsApp Agents by country

How to do it 👇😍 The geo location option allows you to offer the WhatsApp widget to those customers who are in the same geographical area. This option is really useful for campaigns where the product you are going to sell is linked to the territory. Discover businesses that use WhatsApp https://services.tochat.be/whatsapp-business-directory Let’s say you… Continue reading Blocking the WhatsApp widget and WhatsApp Agents by country

Future Integrations for WhatsApp Widget CRM

Sales marketing tools you can use with our WhatsApp Widget Zoho – Alexa Ranking 179 – SimilarWeb Traffic: 54.80M Hubspot– Alexa Ranking 554 – SimilarWeb Traffic: 38.57M Pipedrive – Alexa Ranking 2,363 – SimilarWeb Traffic: 9.05M Gohighlevel.com – Alexa ranking 3,639 – SimilarWeb Traffic: 1.19M Close.com – Alexa ranking 6,731 – SimilarWeb Traffic: 778K Pabbly… Continue reading Future Integrations for WhatsApp Widget CRM

Design WhatsApp Widget

Options for Design WhatsApp Widget 🧨 Before you start reading this article, check the relevant WhatsApp Widget video on YouTube So Now(!) Let’s review all the options you have to design and customise your WhatsApp Widget… Color: Choose any color you want to use with your widget. Match de design of the widget to your… Continue reading Design WhatsApp Widget

WhatsApp Widget on website

What is a WhatsApp Widget for websites? WhatsApp Widget is a great tool for your website, which redirects the users straight to a WhatsApp conversation after just one click, which safes a lot of time, contrary to usual phone number hidden somewhere on the website, which the user has to find and type into their… Continue reading WhatsApp Widget on website

Optisource Technology and WhatsApp Widget

Optisource Technology is a network of highly experienced digital specialists with several years of experience in digital transformation and software delivery. They have over 10 years experience in the industry and together with their strategic partners have 100 years of combined experience at the last count. Plus, they are an Institute for Security and Open… Continue reading Optisource Technology and WhatsApp Widget