Is the WhatsApp Widget GDPR compliant?

GDPR. Yes!! We are in Europe, our servers are in Europe and you have all the tools to make the forms and the request of data GDPR. Also you can delete, export, edit, personal records.

Do i need whatsapp api to work?

NO. We work with WhatsApp and Whatsapp business. API is optional and only makes sense for automation and big teams. Otherwise, is not required.

Woocommerce WhatsApp integration

I saw that you are integrate with woocommerce, can i add a buttom before add to chart in the product page.

You can add the widget or create and agents button / link anywhere


I saw that you are Alternative to so Do you have chat bot for automation answers? Yes, in the widget you can add FAQs or you can create chatforms. We do not have workflows.

Can I use like a crm with internal tab?

Yes, we offer a CRM tool to help you with your leads.

Can I add tag o create workflow?

Not really. For workflows we are working on it, but if that is key, we are not that tool. Will come soon.

Do you have plugin for wordpress?

Yes >

Agents management

I saw that i can have unlimited agents, but is it possible to assign a agent to specific domains? The administrator can decid privilege of the agents?

You can create widgets with agents. You can use that widget with that agent in an specific domain, language or section in your website. We do no lock or limite the usage of the tool anyway. You have unlimited agents, domains, usage, views, leads…

Agents offline in whatsapp widget

Can I decide the time when the widget appear in the website? I mean if we are close the widget not appear or the widget appear and telle the custome we are out of work and we answer when we will be back?

Yes, you can add hours to your agents and if the agents are offline, the widget will be hidden. You can also enable an out of office form to capture leads. This is something we take care off automatically.

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