Monosolutions is a CMS for teleco, hosting or SaaS companies. Monosolutions works with a large number of “Yellow Pages” across Europe.

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New website using WhatsApp Widget and Mono Solutions (Los Baganes Border Collie).

Stefanieberger Heilraum (Germany)

(new website using MonoSolutions and WhatsApp). WhatApp Number.

Change doesn’t always mean moving in a new direction. Rather, it’s about returning to yourself.

Very cool Lawyer website created with MonoSolutions CMS

How to add WhatsApp Widget in Mono Solutions

Among other partners you can find:

Mono Solutions CMS partners

BaseKit is a competitor in this space.

Websites using MonoSolutions and WhatsApp

Palimdu – Germany

Naturally sweet for children and grown-ups. The vision behind palimdu is to build a fair and sustainable sweets world that you and your children can enjoy with a clear conscience.

Dimension Sails – Germany

Sails, Canopies, Sprayhoods, Cake Stands and more! Handwork for your ship, based on decades of experience.

Polarbadet – Norway

Do you want to hold a course/event in Polarbadet or do you have other questions?

San Gakbu Eggs

We at San Gakbu Farm provide our customers with daily fresh eggs deliveries throughout Malta

Fashionable bags, backpacks, suitcases and leather goods

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