Today we are going to solve some of the questions that one of our customer had when looking for a tool for WhatsApp.

I have evaluated other tools that have forms that are sent to Whatsapp. And I admit that among the ones I’ve seen,
I really liked your tool. But before going ahead with a premium plan I would like to get some help from you to solve some doubts:

Let answer all his questions:

1 – It would be possible to replicate this same form ( with these different text question and answer templates

Yes, no problem, during the configuration of the form you will be able to change the questions and the required filds

2 – I can create the form without this image, it would be possible to create the custom and clean form like this ( without this image of the attendant? Is it possible to customize this?

Yes, you will need to create a agent to create the form, but it doesn’t need to be active for the customer.

3 – Is it possible to identify and record in analysis tools such as Google Analytics the conversion of the Lead that converts in your form?

Yes, both on the widget and on the agent you can put a google analytics Tag that will help you learn where your widgets come from and which agent is in charge of it.

4 – To integrate your tool and the form with CRM Hubspot, is it necessary to have a verified Whatsapp account?

No, there is no need to verify the WhatsApp account. The verification process only needs to be done when we need to shared inbox for all the team or if we need to sen automated messages to all customers.

5 – When the person fills out the form and sends it to my WhatsApp, in addition to answering them via WhatsApp immediately, I can direct and phone this person’s email into my marketing automation tool (Mautic) and insert them into an automation flow?

Yes , you can connect with the integrations we have to help you follow your customer’s path.

6 – A single subscription can I use the features on multiple projects/sites or are there limitations?

With the premium account you can have unlimited widgets and unlimited agents, the only limitation is that you can only integrate 1 account of each integration.

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