The holidays are closing in and the time for pumpkins at the supermarket, decorations and all kinds of beautiful lights are right around the corner. Truly a wonderful time full of joy, good spirit and great company are coming towards us, and we couldn’t be more exited!

If you are just as exited as we are, then you have probably already started wondering, how you can make your company reflect the great spirit and vibes of the holidays! 🎉

Maybe you already started decorating your store, getting the holiday goods ready for sale, or started making marketing campaigns with a holiday theme! 🎃

But what if you have a webshop? Is there anything you can do on your webshop to reflect the holiday spirits, and perhaps attract more customers or increase focus on your products or services?

The answer is YES! Of course there is! ✅

Allow us to share some of the ideas we have with you here!

Design your website

One of the coolest things you can do for your website during the holidays, is re-designing it, so it reflects the spirits of the holiday! This can be done by changing colors, adding new animations or pictures or even changing the call to action buttons!

Of course this is something that requires the knowledge and time to get done, because remember, at some point you want to change it back again. So maybe don’t do to much, so it doesn’t become a struggle to change back again.❗️

Here are some examples: 👇


Design your website with orange colors, a jack-o or two, and perhaps some skeletons. Nothing to scary, and if you have the ressources, skills and time, you can really bring the Halloween to your website this way! 🎃

Black Friday

This one might be more obvious. Black Friday is all about crazy good discounts, good deals for the customers, and shopping all day! That is why a dark website, with a couple black colors, maybe a black background or something like that would be ideal for this day. This could also help you highlight the prices. Usually when things are on sale, the price on the product or service is changed to a red, yellow or maybe even green color.

This will help you highlight all the good prices, and move the focus of your visitors ⚫️


Maybe the most popular holiday of the year for a lot of customers! The holiday of joy and giving out presents and good times to the ones you love and care about!

Of course, depending on your religion, you might not celebrate this holiday, but if you are, there is nothing that welcomes customers more to your website, than the joy of christmas spirit.

Here we again recommend, if you have the knowledge, to include animations, maybe some presents, snow or anything that brings people in the christmas spirit! 🎁

Design your WhatsApp Widget

Setup your WhatsApp Widget!

Another cool thing you can do for your website is changing up your WhatsApp Widget to fit the holidays, and bring more attention to it on your website, to perhaps interact more with the visitors on your site!

This is something that can be done very easily, and doesn’t require any special knowledge, so opposite to changing the whole design on your website, this is something that is way easier! 👌

Want to know more about WhatsApp Widgets? Then we have more inspiration for you here.👇

How you can decorate your WhatsApp Widget for the holidays

If you want to decorate or change your WhatsApp Widget, how it looks, appears, presents or basically anything about it, then just follow these few simple steps.

  1. Go to and log in to your account! 🌐
  2. Go to your Widget 📞
  3. Here, you can edit and design your Widget as you want! 🖌
Halloween Widget! 🎃

This is one example of how you can make your Widget fun and creative for the holidays! As you see, i changed the text of the Widget to “Your halloween help is here”, the color to orange as a pumpkin, and the widget message to ” We are here to help you, this Halloween, no matter how scary your issue is!”

A bit cheesy? Maybe, but it is also a fun and creative way to deal with your WhatsApp Widget, if you want to do something fun for your costumers during the holidays! 💡

Christmas Widget! 🎅🏻

This right here is another example of a WhatsApp Widget for the holidays!

Black Friday Widget! ⚫️

As you see, there are many ways to decorate and design your Widget for the holidays, and we haven’t even changed the pictures for the Agents, or made new banners yet! 🤗

This aligned with the changes you can make to your website, can for sure get any of your customers in the right holiday spirit! 👏

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