A lot of people have already started using their very own WhatsApp Widget and kickstarted their way to improving their customer management! It seems like there are a lot of great WhatsApp Widgets out there, with a lot of great designs, which is great to see.

But why is it that people are so happy with their WhatsApp Widgets, and even more important, how are people having success with their WhatsApp Widgets? We are taking a closer look at it here!

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WhatsApp Widget setup

Freedom to design

Just as every company and website is different, so should their WhatsApp Widgets also be. That is why, you have the complete freedom to choose the design and looks of your WhatsApp Widget.

This way, you can personalize it as much as possible, and make it reflect your business or website, so it also looks amazing when you get it on your website!

There are a lot of things you can do to change, differentiate or personalize your WhatsApp Widget, such as:

  • Change the color of your Widget 🌈
  • Change the position of your Widget on the site 🖥
  • Change the animation of your Widget when entering your site 👋
  • Change the icon 📞
  • Add a banner 🌄
  • Change the text and messages ✏️
  • And MUCH more 🔥

All this allows you to make the exact WhatsApp Widget you want to have!

Design options

Unlimited agents

The most important part about your WhatsApp Widget, is that it can get your costumers in contact with you, if they need your help or support. That is why agents are so important for your Widget, and if you have a more complex company or don’t have time to respond to all the questions yourself, then dont worry, because you wont have to.

With the possibility to add unlimited agents to your Widget, you can add agents for multiple services. You can have:

  • A service agent
  • A sales Agents
  • A Technical support agent
  • And so on…

So if one of your colleagues have more knowledge and experience about some parts of the business, it makes most sense to put your customers, who have questions related to these parts of the business, in touch with the colleagues with the most knowledge.

This way, your costumers are guaranteed the best possible service. 👍

Adding agents to your widget

Include your team

Thanks to the agents you can add to your Widget, you have the opportunity to include your entire team under your Premium account at Tochat.be, so they can start generating leads, interacting with customers and taking matters into their own hands! ✊

Here is how you do it!

Adding team members to your account


Finishing and adding some of the smaller steps of making your WhatsApp Widget can help you increase some of the absolute most important aspects for an online webshop. Credibility and reliability

The more you are available, and the more you can present yourself on your website, the more reliable you will appear to your visitors, which is extremely important when we are talking about sales, where you cant see the person selling you the products or services 🤔

Customers have the right to be skeptical, when they dont know and cant see the seller, but with a WhatsApp Widget, you are handing your customers a direct line to you, and you can also add pictures to your agents, to increase your reliability even more! Thats probably one of the benefits with a WhatsApp Widget, that people aren’t always aware of, but is extremely important. 👌

You are always there for your customers

As already mentioned, a WhatsApp Widget is a way for your customers to get in touch with you, but any Widget can do that, so what is so special about a WhatsApp widget?

Let me tell you why:

  • Everybody has WhatsApp
  • Everybody use their phone daily
  • WhatsApp is easy to use
  • WhatsApp is end-to-end encrypted

In other words, With WhatsApp, you are able to always be there to support your customers, even when you are not at the office! And the same way, your customers have an easy and fast access to get the help they need.

On top of that, your conversations are 100% private with WhatsApp! 🔐

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By César Martín (ToChat.be)

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