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In this article, we offer you several options to manage the forms for WhatsApp.

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Before starting with the explanation of how it is configured and how it works, we want to share the use cases and why it is a great idea to add a form to your agents on WhatsApp.

  1. The first thing is to better qualify your contacts. When a client comes to your website and wants to see more information or needs support, direct access to your agent can generate a first contact that may not be ideal. Your agent needs information about the origin of the lead as well as what needs it has.

🔝The WhatsApp form allows you to add two or three questions prior to the step to the conversation. This will help that only clients with a legitimate interest in your service are those who have access to an agent and, on the other hand, users whose profile does not fit with that of your company, receive the most precise contact possible. The objective is not to lose time with customers who are not aligned with your service or product.

What types of questions 🪴can you add to your WhatsApp form?

Our editor allows you to configure any type of question. Formatted fields can be:

  • free text
  • a drop down
  • an option to mark
  • date and time

With these combinations you can create forms to manage appointments, forms for sales, forms for support, forms for more information …

We have created a series of templates that allow you to do this with two clicks.

But what has been said, the editor allows you to freely create the forms you need for the agents who need them.

The first thing is that the form is linked to your WhatsApp agent

The linking of people to the form is part of the design that we have created. Suppose you have a sales agent and support people, the ideal is that each one has a slightly different form, in the case of a sales agent the most interesting are the contact information.☎️ Asking for the telephone, e-mail and company can be the most important fields for a commercial agent.

In the case of a support agent, as we are already working with a client, surely from the phone number we have all their information and therefore we only need to capture the reason for their inquiry.

We can create a drop-down with the most frequent options and from there the user can choose the option he needs. In this way, the agent is going to start the conversation knowing the reason for the consultation of this client.

Once activated forms are mandatory for the user to fill in before going to WhatsApp.

The fields that are requested may or may not be mandatory. Finally these fields can be integrated with your CRM.

We offer direct integrations with Hubspot, Zoho and clientify

If you have a large team and need to control in some way all the contacts that are generated, the status of each one as well as the response time and the evolution of those Leads, integrating the CRM into your forms 🧾 will allow you to manage in a way consistent all your contacts.

How the forms work in WhatsApp

There are two options for who user can contact you from your website using WhatsApp. The first and direct is the user selects the contact agent, clicks and jumps to WhatsApp. This option is valid for most cases.

But what happens if you receive many requests for information or support? The form that you can add in our widget allows you to better qualify users.

Create your form for WhatsApp

You can design the form in a free way. You can add up to four fields that will allow the user to profile themselves before starting the conversation. These four fields can be the format you need.

  • Text, dropdowns, date and time fields.

With this combination of fields you can generate forms to book appointments, place orders or simply better understand what the user is going to consult you.

This prior information that I send to the user and that you will receive on your WhatsApp allows you to better understand what type of query you are going to face. You can understand that it is a support query about what aspects of your tool are asking you. If it is a Commercial query, you will better understand what the client wants. 🙃

The Form that you can add to your website will send all the data to your support or sales agent. We also keep all the data in a database, in this way and from your account you can verify all the information that has been sent to your commercial agents. This information can be downloaded as CSv or a Json file.

The form for the WhatsApp widget is a very relevant complement for those support or sales web pages that receive a high number of inquiries. It can also help you improve your sales process and be able to close appointments or better define the customer’s request.

Any questions/comments write to us.⬇️

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