Sometimes the best practise you can get, is to look for inspiration among other people, who are doing the same thing as you. That is no different when it comes to best practise with WhatsApp Widgets, online presence and customer support.

Some of our users are using the WhatsApp Widget really well, and some of these businesses, are really feeling the benefit of having an easy accessable customer support channel. 📞

Which businesses can benefit from having a WhatsApp Widget

There is an easy answer to this, and it is, basically anyone. If you are dealing with customers, then there is a good reason to give them easy access to your WhatsApp as a support channel. When that being said, his might be most relevant for B2C businesses, but not saying that it is not relevant at all for some B2B businesses. Everyone who wants to use WhatsApp as a great customer service tool can benefit from this! 🚀

To make your WhatsApp Widget, go to and create your account for FREE or follow our guides below! 👇

Guide to your WhatsApp Widget 👍

School of options

School of options is a user of our services, who are offering training programmes from basic to advanced level in options trading.

Giving courses in financial management, stockmarket investing and much more!

School of options is a great example of a business, who can really benefit, and currently are benefitting, from having a WhatsApp Widget on their website!

Check out School of options website here! 👈

Here you see how this client decided to design their WhatsApp Widget, with the format, icon and the text saying, ” I am here to help you”. Generally a great way to let your visitors know, where and how to get in touch with you! 👌

Open Widget 👐

Here we see what the WhatsApp Widget looks like when it is opened. Here we see the agent and the text saying ” Hi, let me know if you have any questions! I’d be happy to help.”

Again, a great way to encourage people to contact you over WhatsApp, if they have any questions for you! 🌟

Great job by this client. 👏

You can always do more!

You can always improve your WhatsApp Widget. In this case, it would be a great ide for School Of Options to f.x add a picture to the agent, to make a more personalized experience and presence.

Other things they could consider doing with their WhatsApp Widget:

  • Add FAQ’s 🤔
  • Add forms ✍️
  • Add a banner

There are many opportunities with a WhatsApp Widget, so go to an make your own WhatsApp Widget today! 🔥

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