whatsapp widget for your website
whatsapp widget for your website

Best WhatsApp Widgets for your business

Perfect tool to integrate in your business to maximize it and boost your sales and clients

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Check our features that you can't miss:

  1. 🚀 Marketing automated (Automated messages for your clients, bulk messaging included)
  2. Unlimited WhatsApp Links to share where your customers are: Linktree, Instagram, TikTok, Twitter...
  3. 🔎 QR Code generator
  4. 👨🏻‍💻 Unlimited agents, contacts and leads
  5. 📊 Track your performance using our personalized agents through Analytics and Facebook Pixel
  6. 🌍 Available in your language: Spanish, English, Italian, French, German, Chinese...

Why people love ChatWith.io

"At Etxeonena we're pleasantly surprised by the use that this tool provides us, allowing us to have permanent, simple and very close contact with all our clients. We can only recommend this tool to anyone who wants to promote their brand and be close to their customers"


"WhatsApp Widgets for people who design web pages and with 24/7 customer support, excellent service. Highly recommended"


"It has been a very valuable and useful tool for our companies. It has allowed us to integrate WhatsApp on our website, improving communication with our customers. We work with Wix, and after searching and analysing different possibilities, this was without a doubt the best and easiest option. We've been with this integration for more than a year and it has always worked perfectly. Great job"

David Nogy

"One of the best integration platforms for WhatsApp. It has the best value for money of all of them with advanced options and integrations with CRM. They have support in several languages and you can install the widget on any website. They even have a plugin for WordPress. Very recommended."

Grupo Rocket

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Landing Pages

Don't have a website? We give you a free Landing Page for your customers to contact you and you can sell online.

You have a multitude of landings at your disposal. For example, landing pages with web page design to receive leads in your WhatsApp widgets. Create yours now and start generating leads!

Use the Webinar landing page to promote an event. You have a countdown, title, description, your WhatsApp widget and you can even include a promotional banner!

Do you want to promote offline as well? With the QR landing page you can print this landing page to print it and use it offline. Your leads will scan the QR code and get to your widget ready to interact with them!

Choose your landing and start now!

Case studies

See how others are using our tool to boost their businesses and create engagement with their clients
Gescons Case Study Addi Case Study
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WhatsApp Widgets to get leads

Increase conversions by placing a widget on your website. Solve your users' doubts with the FAQ, collect data with the Forms, receive payments, get them to contact you by WhatsApp to close the sale and much more!

Choose your widget and start now!

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Payment Links

Create payment links to receive payments from your customers with just a couple of clicks. Whether you have an online store or a local store you can get paid easily and quickly..

Start selling your products now with the Payment Links!

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Your own shop

Create your own store with your own products. Share your landing page with a menu that will lead your leads to your store and start selling.

Your landing will lead to your shop!

Sell anything you want easily!

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Everything about our WhatsApp Widgets and tools

Unlimited domains, unlimited widgets, unlimited agents... unlimited everything.

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Updates: New custom ICO for your landing page and custom subdomain

Everything you need to get the best WhatsApp Widgets in your website

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Use your WhatsApp Widget with your Landing Page Editor

Do I need WhatsApp API to use WhatsApp Business?

Every day we receive messages from companies that want to verify their WhatsApp account. Unfortunately, 90% of these requests cannot be done because the company does not meet the minimum requirements to have a verified account. View options for WhatsApp API Pricing

What is WhatsApp API?

Do you want to get the most out of our tool? Learn through our YouTube channel
Are you a developer? Check out our GitHub to develop on WhatsApp


Unlock your
premium account

The Widget is the perfect tool to manage your users feedback and you can sell the service to your users. Add this widget to your online service and offer your users a premium tool.


    Perfect for freelancers and small businesses to get more leads and start selling
  • 50/year
  • Unlimited WhatsApp Widgets and Agents
  • Payments
  • My Agents
  • Polls
  • Campaigns*
  • Landing pages
  • *Automated campaigns require the WhatsApp API

    WhatsApp API

    For companies requiring automation and various widgets and agents
  • 200/year
  • verything in the Premium plan plus:
  • WhatsApp API to automate your workflow*
  • 1000 free WhatsApp conversations
  • Custom modules for:
  • PrestaShop
  • WooCommerce
  • Magento
  • and more!
  • *The WhatsApp requires (1) Facebook Business account and a (2) phone number without WhatsApp that can receive SMS or international calls.


    Unlock all the tools to sell as a company and chat with multiple agents with same WhatsApp
  • 300 /year
  • Everything in the Premium and WhatsApp API plans plus:
  • Multi-agent Inbox: Multiple people can manage conversations on the same WhatsApp
  • Receive customer responses in your Inbox when running automated outbound campaigns using the WhatsApp API

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What do you need before you create your account

To use our free whatsapp widget you need to have access to your FTP or Web Editor. We generate a script you can use. But you need to be able to edit your code. If you have questions use the WhatsApp agent in this page.

Do you have a website with a lot of users? Do you sell online services?

The WhatsApp Widget is the perfect tool to manage your users feedback and you can sell the service to your users. Add this widget to your online service and offer your users a premium tool.

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