Every year around mid-autumn where the leaves of the trees turn brown and a drop of cold begins to scatter at sunset. Stories about strange beings make their appearance the day before the feast of All Hallow and fear is hardly distinguishable from laughter and terror from spree.

Yes, it’s already that time of year, Halloween

Western culture celebrates this spooky night wearing scary costumes and handing out sweets.

This article is also available in Danish 🇩🇰

Ηalloween product features to sell online

Products sold at this time of year through an e-shop must meet certain characteristics, to help buyers press the button and mail them to their door.

  •  Fast shipment, for the latecomers or for the customers who want them at the last minute, you need to be there for them and  get their order before the big night.
  •  Presentable and highlight the issue of horror. ⚰️ Εverything you decide to sell should be extreme and cause panic! to convey the feeling of this Halloween celebration and make you special sellers!
  • Be light and easy to carry. Αfter all, most of the products of this holiday are small or light. Just a moving can wear out your products, you better prefer to move medium weight things for your customers so that they are easy to carry!

The top 3 selling products for Halloween are:

1.Spider🕸 web decoration

Νο one would never think that it would be the most popular thing to sell on the internet. You decorate your garden or even if your house is dirty with a fake web no one will notice it, let it be super fashionable! So, anyways many prefer it, because it looks like a real cobweb, it is easy to carry and not at all vulnerable, fragile and extremely disgusting scary jajaja

2. Face Paints 👹

Necessary? Yes!!!

🤖Use many colors to create a face painting, the spiderman, a cute kitten or a jaguar. Solid color all over the face, with or without patterns,👽 popular sketches or figures, scream faces ☠️ and weird caricatures. You can easily paint your face or body or call an expert to design you exactly as you wish!

3. Iridescent Pumpkins With Lights 🎃 “Jack-o’-lantern

Some of the coolest Halloween décor items are more enchanting than spooky, but we love them just the same. These iridescent pumpkins with interior LED lights, which just require three AAA batteries, bring a glow to your space. It’s going to be tough to choose which color to go with, so might as well get them all.

But how to sell online things for Halloween?

The only way to start selling your own products via WhatsApp, regardless of whether they open in the above popular categories, is to create a WhatsApp Link and enter your business details into the popular messaging platform. 

~Go to the chatwith.io , which offers free getting your personalized messaging WhatsApp Link.

Enter your business phone number with country code ex.+44

Write your business name or your brand’s title you wish sell on WhatsApp 

And a greeting message written and addressed to the products you sell or to welcome your new customers, as they press the chat button with you.

For more relatives examples, about welcome messages and first messages click here.

if you are working with agents and want to talk to coordinate the distribution of your bulk halloween products, or to enter your website there or to get paid via WhatsApp… Remember that the tochat.be page, by creating your profile for free, helps you to own the dominance of your business through WhatsApp.

I will be glad to receive your comments, until then Happy Halloween!!! 👻 🎃

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