We have said it before, and we will say it again. WhatsApp is by far one of the best apps on the market, no matter if we are speaking daily communication, support and sales services or general marketing purposes.

What makes WhatsApp so great, is that it can be used for so much more than just as a messaging app for texting, calling, sending voice messages and all that stuff.

So, in case this is news to you, or you simply haven’t discovered or been made aware of all the things WhatsApp has to offer, and what makes the app so unique, we will highlight some of them for you here! 🏅

If you haven’t heard of ways to deal with WhatsApp as a business tool before, then you can find some inspiration here. 👇

A conversation with you is never more than a click away

The first thing you need to remember when dealing with WhatsApp, especially if you are using WhatsApp as a business tool is, that a conversation between you and your customers, users or maybe even just friends and family, is never more than a click away. 1️⃣

How you ask? Simply through a WhatsApp link!

When you have your very own WhatsApp link, your customers can simply press your link, and then go straight into a conversation with you over WhatsApp.

So to say it in another way, by pressing your WhatsApp link, your user will get directed to your WhatsApp number, and can then write to you! 📲

The reason this is so great, is that now you dont have to just write your number on social media, or on your website, and then your users have to do all the work of copying that number, put it into WhatsApp, add you as a contact and THEN start a conversation. 💤

You can skip a lot of step by just creating a WhatsApp link, instead of using your number all the time, and let the link do the work, instead of having your customers doing it!

This is how you make your WhatsApp link

WhatsApp link!

Here is how you make your WhatsApp link in just a few simple steps! 👇

  1. Go to Chatwith.io 🌐
  2. Add your phone number and your country code 🌏
  3. Add your name or the name of your company 🏢
  4. Add a custom message for your users (optional) 👋

As you can see on the picture above, the country code is set to Danish, but if you are not from Denmark, you can simply press the flag and change the country code to the one that fits where you are from!

How a WhatsApp link works!

How a WhatsApp link works!

Your private conversations are in good hands

There are probably many theories about, why WhatsApp has become so popular, but one of the main reasons, that i think a lot of people really find attractive about WhatsApp is, that it is end-to-end encrypted. But what does that mean? 🤔

It simply means that all of your conversations on WhatsApp are 100% private, so no one else than you and the ones you are having the conversation with, can see what you are writing to each other.

No matter where you are, who you are texting or many many you are texting at the same time, your conversations remain private!⛔️

Your website and WhatsApp can work togehter

Besides the fact that it is a great idea to have your WhatsApp link on your website, there are also other ways for your website or webshop and your WhatsApp to work together.

With a whatsApp Widget on your website, you can easily control your customer service, sales support or in any way provide your customers with the great service they deserve, all controlled by WhatsApp! 👏

What is a WhatsApp Widget?

To make it short, a WhatsApp Widget is a connection between you and the visitors on your website, so if they have any questions, or in any other way need help or guidance, they can always get in touch with you!

Here is how a WhatsApp Widget can look like! 👇

What a Widget can look like!

There are many different ways for you to design your WhatsApp Widget, so it doesn’t have too look exactly like this. In fact, it can almost look exactly how you want it too look!

Among other things, you can f.x change:

  • The Color ✅
  • The messages ✅
  • The banner ✅
  • The icons ✅
  • The animations ✅

And much more! 🔥

WhatsApp Widget setup!
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By César Martín (ToChat.be)

We develop WhatsApp solutions, WhatsApp API and WhatsApp Widgets. Please contact us for more information. We are here to help you.