Days get shorter, its starting to get colder, which also means, that we are closing in on some of the biggest holidays of the year, and as if that wasn’t enough, some of the biggest events of the year is also right around the corner.

Maybe you already guessed it, but events and holidays such as halloween, black friday, thanksgiving and christmas is right around the corner which means, that it is time to start preparing, gearing up and spreading the vibes and energi of these good times of the year! 👏

How do you get your business ready for the holidays?

Usually the holidays and big events at this time of year means a lot of traffic on websites, sales and marketing campaigns for most of us, and the customers love when they can save some money. 💰

At this time of year, it is really important not to overlook the importance of preparing your business and your website for big events of the year like these, because if you dont do it, your competitors will, and if you wait for too long, your customers will find alternatives among your competitors.

So, how do you get your business and your website ready for the greatest time of the year? Here we will give you some good advice on how to prepare, and what you could potentially sell, if you are looking to enter the market!

Make sure your website can handle the black friday stress

Every single year on black friday, customers experience websites that break down, or can’t even get access to them, because they simple cant handle all the traffic at once, so they end of looking for alternatives. ⚠️

So before it is too late, make sure that your website can handle the expected amount of visits, so you don’t end up with disappointed customers and perhaps also bad reviews.

Essentially, the more traffic you can handle on your website the better, but obviously you cant spend all your time and ressources on solving this, so we recommend getting some estimates to how many visitors you expect, perhaps benchmark to previous years if possible.

You should also consider how many ressources your spent on marketing and campaigns, because if your website can’t provide what your marketing campaigns have promised, you are for sure going to end up with disappointed customers! 👎

Sell with WhatsApp

WhatsApp Widget!

Selling with WhatsApp is by far one of the most underrated methods of dealing with customers over your website. Having a WhatsApp Widget on your website allows you to communicate faster, better and more conveniently with your customers, so they get the service they deserve!

There are a ton of benefits of using WhatsApp for your website, such as:

  • WhatsApp is the most popular messaging app worldwide 🌏
  • WhatsApp is fast, convenient and always close by 📲
  • A WhatsApp Widget looks good on any website 🙌
  • Your customers always know where to go, if they have questions, and you can always be there for them! ✊

You can create your very own WhatsApp Widget and much more at 👈

Not only can you create your own WhatsApp Widget at, you can do a lot of great things via WhatsApp, that gets you more than prepared for everything this time of year has to offer!

  • Create and design unlimited agents for your Widget 👔
  • Create payment links 💰
  • Run campaigns 📈
  • Create polls, surveys and quiz 📊
  • Create forms, FAQ and timetables for your Widgets ❓
  • Watch all your stats 🤔

Find more inspiration about this here 👇

All our guides and tutorials

Christmas, Thanksgiving, Halloween and Black Friday

As already mentioned, all of these holidays are pretty important for all webshops, no matter where you are, or what you are selling. Maybe some of the holidays are more important for your business that others, but regardless of your current situation, this is something you dont want to miss out on.

So if you are not already selling products that are suited for these occasions, here are some ideas of products you can sell, to get in on all the fun 🎉

Halloween 🎃

This is the first of the four, so probably the one you need to consider thirst, if this event is relevant for your business.

We actually have a whole article with great ideas for Halloween, including ideas on which products to sell and how to sell them, that you can check out right here! 👇

3 Great Halloween product examples too sell via WhatsApp in 2021 🎃

Black Friday ⚫️

When all the lights turn out on the first friday after Thanksgiving, all the crazy discounts and sales light up in the dark!

Black Friday is more about running sales on existing products, rather than offering new ones. So if you have products that you can afford to put on sale, this would be a great opportunity to do so, and run a campaign on the side, to highlight these products!

Maybe you are selling electronic devices, and want to put these on sale for Black Friday. What you can also do is design your WhatsApp Widget and agents for this holiday! Make everything black and change the writings on the Widget, to fit the event!

Here is how you change your Widget! 👇

Design your Widget!

Thanksgiving 🦃

Thanksgiving is a time of joy, appreciation, good company and of course, a lot of good food!

Even though this is a holiday, which originally was only held in the United States, the culture and values associated with this holiday has gone beyond the border, and some places in europe, people are joining in on the fun!

Therefore, decoration for this holiday could make for great products to start selling at this time of year!

This could be anything from costumes, house decorations and funny hats, to decoration around the dinner table such as napkins, plates or cutlery. 💟

Christmas 🎅🏻

Now, this is a holiday that a lot of people are really looking forward to, and where there really are some possibilities for your business to sell some awesome stuff via WhatsApp!

For example, you can look at selling stuff like:

  • Decoration for the christmas tree 🎄
  • Wrapping paper for the presents 🎁
  • Christmas sweaters 👚
  • Candles 🕯
  • Christmas themed candy 🍬

We could go on forever, because there are so many cool things you can sell via WhatsApp for the holidays!

The possibilities are endless so join in on the fun, and start selling and dealing with customers through WhatsApp today!

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