If you have a business on Instagram, it is most likely that you will get new clients, budget requests, previous appointments, but the part of getting the client to pay for your services is still a complex stage to solve in your customer acquisition process.

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Sell ​​on instagram

With the new service that we have launched, you can offer your clients the possibility of making secure payments when you are with them on WhatsApp.

Suppose you sell courses or training. A potential client makes a request for more information, you have a conversation with him on WhatsApp, if the client is convinced that your product is the right one, you can send him a link to make a secure payment of a registration reservation.

In this way, both the client and you closed the deal and both parties feel safe when it comes to continuing with the sales process and obtaining the service.

Pay by the “hour” on Instagram

Suppose you do some kind of service by the hour. Tattoos, dentist, optician … To prevent customers from making reservations that are not confirmed, add a small payment to your process.

You can define how much it is necessary to pay for that reservation confirmation.

€ 10, five euros, add a small payment so that the client really confirms the appointment and you can be sure that the client has a firm commitment to you. It is very common for customers to make reservations that later either do not consume or remain pending.

Security for the client and for you

A small payment helps you and your client that the commitment to carry out the service is firm. On your side you get and that the Bookings and previous appointments really have to be done in a more serious and professional way.

There is another very popular case on Instagram that is that of products made to measure, in this case we have to think that both the order, the budget, and the product that we are going to make is unique and therefore there is no possibility of return . In these cases is when it is even more important to have payment options in advance.

Suppose that the client contacts us we make a budget and at this moment is when we really need to specify the order. The easiest thing is to be able to send a payment link from WhatsApp so that the client makes the payment that we deem necessary to start with his project. It can be 20% it can be 30% what you need so that the budget is accepted and marked.

Create a link to get paid directly on WhatsApp

It is as simple as entering our website, registering and completing the registration process in the payment area. Once you enter this area and have configured your account, in the case of freelancers it literally takes a minute, in the case of companies it can take two minutes to configure your account, you can start to make the payment links of the products that you need.

You can define the products or services with total freedom there is no type of limit in the way of creating a product, the amounts you define it individually or if you want to create a typical product you can also do it and you can use that link permanently .

There are companies that need a small payment before starting a call or conversation with an agent.

In your WhatsApp welcome message you can add a link to the payment and tell the customer that in order to move forward they need to make that first initial payment.

This we understand that it may sound too aggressive in many cases, but many service companies really what is expected of the client is that he makes that first payment before being able to advance in the process. Once the customer has demonstrated his real commitment to the product or service, he can move forward in the conversation.

Start now to charge your customers with WhatsApp

This is a totally online tool that you can configure right now, without having to talk to anyone, without having to upload documentation, 100 × 100 online, available at any time on any device, with secure payments using the customer’s card, with complete confidentiality both for you and the client, and it only costs 3% of each payment.
If your business is on Instagram and WhatsApp, you now have the most comfortable tool to be able to make payments in a simple and secure way.

Having your clients pay you for your services is the best step for clients to understand that your business is real, serious and that you offer a concrete commitment to them.

You can try it without any commitment. Create your account, you only need a mobile phone and a bank account and from there you can make your links and have customers pay you.

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By César Martín (ToChat.be)

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