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Once you have your link to WhatsApp, you can share it on Youtube according to this article. As the option of WhatsApp to display your number in the form of a link helps the interested party to go directly to the chat platform with a pre-existing message for the owner of the link.

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Let’s start the adding process.

🦊STEP-by-STEP explanation:

1st step “Copy and Share your Link”

Log in to your account to share it with your Youtube channel viewers. With the main condition, based on the image below, you have already created your free WhatsApp link so that you can copy it and share it on the youtube viewing channel.

Now just follow the instructions …

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Click at “Copy and share your link

*If you haven’t WhatsApp Link yet, click on the image and create your account*

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Or tap here and read how to create a WhatsApp Link!!!

Your link to WhatsApp would look like this:

After go to your Youtube profile and create a post🧧

Paste the link you just copied in a new post for conversation with your viewers, and add a description related to the post importance.

Here in this section, enter a public comment, your comment as below should include a caption and your WhatsApp number link.

and publish it to your channel discussion flow!

How to do it: Click on the account icon of your account on the right to enter your profile>discussion>add a public comment>enter.

2nd step: Add your WhatsApp link your profile “basic informations” 

Type a small resume at the “informations” and explain to your friends, that you use the WhatsApp link

How to do it: click on, channel adjustment>description (type your text)>publish.

3rd step: Add your Link at YouTube URLs

The easiest way to avoid inventing descriptions to insert your WhatsApp link into your channel is to add the link only in place of the URL links and share it.

To find this feature go to the basic information and scroll down below the basic description you will find the section with the URL links, to add your WhatsApp contact link. Paste it there, but don’t forget to name the link. Give a title to your link so your visitors just to know what they clicking on.

The way to do it is: channel adjustment> +add link> paste your link to URL with nearby a small link title> publish.

Α review of your own channel, when the basic information of your profile is configured.

If you Manage a Youtube Channel

Link your WhatsApp Business account to your Youtube Page to view WhatsApp chat ads. These ads allow you to communicate with customers by clicking the Send Message to your Youtube or Instagram ad to open a WhatsApp chat.

Do it simple 🤗

Open the product page on Youtube, tap > More Options. Tap the WhatsApp icon. Select the person or group you’d like to share the product page with. Tap the send button or Next.

💡 More tips!!

Tapping a product page link sent in a WhatsApp chat will open the product page directly in WhatsApp. From there, you can tap:

  • The images in the Shop More section explore other products and services offered by the business.
  • The business name to view the business profile associated with this shop.
  • Message to start a conversation with the business about the specific product you’re viewing.

Why should you share your link on your Youtube profile?

  1. When you connect your WhatsApp Business number you can add a button to your Youtube page helping people to communicate with your easily using WhatsApp. This can be a great strategy for lead generation and quickly connecting with your audience.
  2. You can place ads on Youtube that have WhatsApp messages as the call-to-action button.

Gives you the ability to link users of Youtube and gather them into solely one best communicating app on the market. They just simply click the LINK and get chatting.

Tips to improve your SEO on your YouTube Channel and become a master😎:

What is SEO and why is it so important for your business

First, let’s introduce what SEO is. Search Engine Optimization is the set of user experience optimization strategies, and its goal is to improve the positioning of a page in search engines. Strategies such as quality content production, design, programming, etc.

Since Google bought YouTube fifteen years ago, this huge platform works with the same search intelligence, and they share the same goal: give the best user experience, which we can also call it user’s satisfaction

YouTube wants their users to easily find videos and channels of their interest, so for those who publish content on YouTube, it’s crucial to know how the algorithm works.

When you post a quality video on the platform with its title, tag and description, YouTube will rank it higher than one that doesn’t. 

Another thing is, when you add the right tags, a description with keywords related to your content and a call-to-action title, it’s easier for users to find your video and this means more comments, likes and shares. This will help you to have a better engagement with your audience and YouTube will position you higher than other videos without interactions. 

So how can we achieve a better engagement and create better quality videos? Continue reading, here are some crucial tips for you.

The right amount of time 🧭

For leads, people that might be interested in your products, we recommend short videos of 2-5 minutes maximum for easy explained introductions

For prospects, people that have already contacted you and have interacted with you, we recommend longer videos of approximately 10 minutes. 

The top 5 positions for videos on YouTube are 11 minutes and 44 seconds. You don’t have to memorize all this information, just have to keep in mind that you’re addressing people that are interested, but they want to know more about your products. In order to do so, you should make longer videos with interesting information that could benefit your client. Keep it simple and add timings and frame zones about specific topics on the description. That way, it will make it easier for them to rewatch the important parts they want to know more about.

Add tags on your videos 🔖

Add tags, tags are key if you want to be found and want to get a wider audience. Tags should be related to your products, company, or topics that you talk about in your videos. Add a few of them, around 5 or 6 is enough, don’t add too many because YouTube will evaluate it negatively and your ranking position will become lower. For tags, you should do research of related keywords that have a high volume of searches or that are currently trending. If you have no clue about where to start, you can use tools such as Keywords Everywhere or Google Trends. These tools are free and can easily help you achieve that work. 

Know your audience and buyer persona👩🏻‍💻

You have to know about your potential audience, if the majority of your viewers or the audience you want to reach is international, you should create your content in the language they use. You must think that you have to do everything in your power to get closer to them and that means make their lives easier.

Imagine if you’re looking for a video related to swimsuits, but they speak in another language, well, it’s clearly that even if it has subtitles, they will look for another video about the same topic but in their language. So, always keep in mind your audience and do everything thinking about their best interest.

Optimize descriptions and titles. After doing the whole research of Keywords that we mentioned earlier, you should add a title related to your video and an easy explained description. But be careful because easy doesn’t mean vague, descriptions should be able to catch your audience’s attention for them to click on your video. The longer they stay watching it and the more clicks and views you get, the better. YouTube will value your video as quality content, and it will give you a better position and visibility on its platform. 

The power of engagement💡

You can ask questions at the end of the video for more engagement and invite them to share, comment, give likes or subscribe to your channel. This will help you have better interactions between your audience. Meanwhile, you can even create a video of Q&A and answer all the questions your clients might have. Remember that more feedback means more authority, which is equivalent of better ranking and position.

If you have a blog, you can add your YouTube Videos to the blog to link them and give more information about them. Lead your audience to the main site and gain more traffic. You can even create automatic lists with all the videos that are topic-related and share them on social media for more engagement. 

Everything else it’s consistency, effort, and time. 

Last but not least❗️

Link your WhatsApp link to your Youtube Channel and get a better feedback and interaction with your clients. As we mentioned before, the closer they feel with you and the better relationship you have with them, it will become easier to get the sales. Clients must trust you and your company. Create your account on and let us help you build long-lasting relationships with your clients.

If you have any questions, please let us know below and comment and share if these tips worked for you. Good luck!

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