What is your Country Code and how to create your link to WhatsApp for free

When you are creating your WhatsApp link, it is necessary that you add your Country Code before your phone number. Otherwise the WhatsApp link that you create will not work. Every country has a unique code.

Don’t worry if you don’t know your country code, here we share a list of most searched country codes and if you can’t find your country in the list, don’t hesitate to write us and ask. We are here to help you!

Most popular countries to create your link to WhatsApp

add your number to WhatsApp link

List of Country Codes for WhatsApp Link

Go to our free WhatsApp link creator tool and create your WhatsApp link. Before inserting your phone number, find your country code from the list below and add it. The format should be 234xxxxxxxxx (example for Nigeria), without adding zero or + sign.

Country CodeCountry Country CodeCountry
234Nigeria 34Spain
233Ghana 90Turkey
22Senegale 216Tunisia
27South Africa 44United Kigdom
60Malaysia 376Andorra
91India 32Belgium
77Kazajistan 30Greece
97UAE United Arab Emirates 41Switzerland
65Singapore 163Azerbaijan
852Hong Kong 59Uruguay
92Pakistan 502Guatemala
95Myanmar 57Colombia
62Indonesia 58Venezuela
13Burundi 508Saint Pierre and Niquelon
88Taiwan 51Peru
61Australia 52Mexico
82South Korea 56Chile
98Iran 54Argentina
63Philippines 507Panama
351Portugal 504Honduras
39Italy 506Costa Rica
31Netherlands 18Dominican Republic
33France 81Japan
49Germany 96Maldivas
503El Salvador502Guatemala
42Czech Republic 213Algeria
55Brazil WhatsApp+1United States of America WhatsApp
+7Russia WhatsApp+66Thailand WhatsApp
+966Saudi Arabia WhatsApp

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