Once you have your link to WhatsApp, you can share it on Linkedin using the features. Here you have some screenshots about how to do it.

🚀Follow the steps:

1. Copy and Share your WhatsApp Link

You may have just created your link and want to share it with your online friends. Οr if you have created it but did not know how to share it, go to ChatWith.io, and since you already have an account, log in and follow the instructions …

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*If you haven’t WhatsApp Link yet, click on the image and create your account*

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Or tap here and read how to create a WhatsApp Link!!!

🍃Your link to WhatsApp would look like this: 


This guide is also available in other languages!

After go to your Linkedin profile and start a post💻

Log in to your personal LinkedIn account and start to write a post. Paste the link you just copied in a new post, and write a description like this😎

But before you publish it, select your general audience (anyone, anyone + Twitter , or connections only).

so you also post on Τwitter!

If you want to expand your audience, it’s best to opt for this posting feature. The same post will be in both applications at the same time!

Generally, it is better to choose the “anyone” option  because more and more people will interact with you, especially if you have a business and promote your products. It also helps you become more accessible and attract people. And press “Post

Also, you can publish your WhatsApp link your profile “intro” 🤖

Type a small resume at the “about” and explain to your friends, that you use the WhatsApp link

make it clear that they can find you on your personal WhatsApp profile, simply by using this link. 🎃

How to do it: Go to your profile>add section>about> And edit your about> save.

The illustrative description is shown in the pictures, to insert your link in the About you section of Linkedin.

Add your WhatsApp to links

In the same way put your whatsapp link in the space for your website in the details that you must publish on the Linkedin page.

How to do it:Go to your profile>add section>featured> links> Paste the (WhatsApp link)> add.

If you Manage a Linkedin 🆔 Company Page

LinkedIn has now become a powerful tool in the hands of companies operating in B2B (Business to Business), as it has more than 630 million professionals, while offering countless networking opportunities. After all, of all social media, LinkedIn seems to be the most professional Social Networking Media.

So, Link your WhatsApp Business account to your Linkedin Page to view WhatsApp chats is a powerful strategy for your business icon profile.

Do it simple 🤗

Open the professional page on Linkedin, and follow the same steps as users’ personal profiles to enter the communication capability of the whatsapp link on Linkedin.

~For add the link in a post:

Create a new post for your professional Linkedin page and enter your personalized WhatsApp Link with a notification message.


  • For my business phone number, contact here (WhatsApp link) now easily found us on WhatsApp!
  • New option on WhatsApp, (WhatsApp link) click and chat with our business.

~For add to your profile “intro”:

Go to your business profile>add section>about> And edit your about> save. See the detailed description at personal’s account settings.

~For add a description of a product or a campaign:

In the regular text of the product description post or infos of the product, you can paste the link to WhatsApp.

As you decide to publish the WhatsApp Link,your customer base is growing and the successful exposure of your products or services have a positive impact.

💡 More useful tips!!

Tapping a product page link sent in a WhatsApp chat will open the product page directly in WhatsApp. From there, you can tap:

  • The business images and logo and navigates to more sections to explore other products and services offered by the business, or
  • The business name to view the business profile associated with the eshop.
  • Message to start a conversation with the business about the specific product you’re viewing, for more information and clarifications.

Why should you share your link on your Linkedin profile?

  1. When you connect your WhatsApp Business number you can add a button to your Linkedin page helping people to communicate with your easily using WhatsApp. This can be a great strategy for lead generation and quickly connecting with your audience.
  2. By transferring to the Linkedin page the possibility of finding your contacts on WhatsApp, start your page on another channel for more views and more sales
  3. You can place ads on Linkedin that have WhatsApp messages as the call-to-action button. This will facilitate all your visitors who want to find you on social.
  4. If you have a personal profile and your CV is published, it would be positive effect for your future jobs opportunities to have a WhatsApp link on your account and finally its easily for the existing jobs announcements found you through WhatsApp. You look more modern person, up-to-date and follow the trends, then this item will definitely help you to get the job!

Gives you the ability to link users of Linkedin and gather them into solely one best communicating app on the market. They just simply click the LINK and get chatting.

Linkedin Whatsapp Group Link

You can create a WhatsApp Group for your Linkedin Marketing. This idea is very powerful for your strategy to capture interested leads. The group can be about Marketing, Sales, Development or any other topic you are trying to develop.

Specially for recruiting, working at home and direct sales, a WhatsApp Group can help you reaching new candidates.

To Create a Group you just need to go to WhatsApp, Create a new Group and Share the link to that group.

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