Zoho is a great CRM and in this guide we want to share with you how to connect your Zoho CRM with your WhatsApp Widget.

  1. How to get Zoho API Key and how to use it with your Tochat.be account.
  2. How to send data from your WhatsApp Widget to Zoho.
  3. How to use custom fields, hidden fields and troubleshooting.

How to get Zoho API Key and how to use it with your Tochat.be account

How to get your API key

1.Log into your zoho account and then visit api-console.zoho.com/

2. Select self client

3. In generate code, the following

4. Now select your CRM and clic create

5. A pop up code will now apear with you generated code

6. Copy this code and put it in Zoho generated code

7. Get the other two codes from the client secret tab in zoho an put them in the remaining two boxes in this page

8. Finally you must set your Zoho region – you can get this from the url.

  • US (and international) = zoho.com
  • EU = zoho.eu 
  • india = zoho.in

Once you have the API Key from Zoho, you need to add this information in your Integration page.

Now, let’s map fields from your WhatsApp Form to Zoho Fields

Once the API key is in place, you can map your fields from your WhatsApp Form with fields at Zoho.

  1. Go to your WhatsApp Widget
  2. Check the “Send to zoho” check in the field you want to send to Zoho
  3. Select the field you want to map: By default we have 4 fields
    • Name
    • Surname
    • Email
    • Phone
    • And you can choose a “custom” field

And you can choose a “custom” field. Custom fields only are available for “text” fields. We can not map drop-down or lists from Zoho to the WhatsApp Form.

How to get the field name from zoho for custom fields:


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