ShopGold software for running an online store – simple operation, a multitude of functions and integrations as well as a low price are the greatest advantages of the store, making shopGold an ideal tool for running your own online sales. Are you opening a new store? Tired of paying a monthly subscription?

Nothing easier – take advantage of our offer and buy the shopGold program. shopGold means no hidden costs , no subscription, no sales commission – its cost is only a one-time fee for the store’s license. We offer store software fully adapted to online sales. Compliant with the GDPR , the Omnibus Directive , adapted to mobile devices , optimized for SEO (positioning). Our software has been on the market since 2013 . Since then, over 5,000 customers have trusted us – choosing our program to create their online store.

View this cool website using this CMS for e-commerce from Poland.

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