In this tutorial, we’ll walk you through the steps to add pricing to your WhatsApp widget using the new feature introduced by Chatwi. This feature will help you better understand the value of your leads by associating a monetary value with each service request.

Step-by-Step Guide

  1. Log in to Your Account:
    • Open your browser and log in to your account.
  2. Navigate to Your Widgets:
    • Go to the Widgets section from your dashboard.
  3. Select the Widget to Edit:
    • Choose the widget you want to add pricing to. For example, let’s use a widget for a plumbing service called “John Plumber.”
  4. Edit the Form:
    • Click on “Edit Form” for the selected widget.
  5. Add the New Pricing Dropdown:
    • Scroll down to the form fields and add a new field of type “Drop Down with Price.” This is a new field type specifically designed to incorporate pricing without affecting existing widgets.
  6. Configure the Dropdown Options:
    • Set up the dropdown options with the respective prices. For example:
      • Residential Plumbing: $75
      • Water Heater Repair: $240
      • Repiping Services: $87
      • Leak Detection: $64
      • Emergency Plumbing: $100
    • The currency will be set based on your account settings.
  7. Activate the Widget:
    • Once you’ve configured the dropdown with the prices, activate the widget.

Test the Widget:

Fill in the form to test how it works. The customer will select their desired service without seeing the price.

Submit the form to see how the information, including the service type and price, is sent to the agent via WhatsApp.

Check the Leads Control Panel:

Go to the leads control panel to see the new lead with the associated price.

The lead will now show the selected service and the corresponding price, helping you understand the value of each lead.

Add Additional Options (Optional):

You can add more options to the form. For example, you can ask if the service is urgent and set an additional price for urgent requests.

Example: Repiping Services ($240) + Urgent Service ($100).

Filter and Analyze Leads:

In the leads control panel, you can filter leads by different criteria, such as service type or urgency, and see the total value for each category.

This allows you to better manage and report the value of your leads.

Report and Manage Lead Values:

Use this information to report to clients, bosses, or for your own analysis.

Understanding the value of your leads helps in assessing the return on investment (ROI) for your marketing efforts.

Example Scenario for WhastApp Widget with Pricing

Let’s say you have a lead who needs repiping services and they mark the request as urgent. Here’s how you would see it:

  1. Form Submission:
    • The customer selects “Repiping Services” and indicates that it’s urgent.
  2. WhatsApp Notification:
    • The agent receives a WhatsApp message with all the information, including the service type and the fact that it’s urgent.
  3. Leads Control Panel:
    • The lead will be listed with a total value of $340 ($240 for repiping + $100 for urgency).
  4. Filtered View:
    • If you filter leads to show only urgent requests, the total value will reflect only those leads.

By adding pricing to your WhatsApp widget, you can now capture and understand the monetary value of each lead, which helps in making informed decisions for your business.


This new pricing feature in Chatwi’s WhatsApp widget allows you to add a financial dimension to your lead management process, providing better insights into the value of each lead. By following the steps outlined above, you can easily set up and start benefiting from this feature. Happy selling!

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