There could be different reasons for feeling the need to sending someone a reminder of something, but of course the purpose is to make sure, that the recipient does not forget about something, that you or they have planned for them at a certain time.

It could be reminding a co-worker of an important event, meeting or task, or it could be reminding a customer of a specific detail, that they might have missed!

Regardless of what it is, sending reminders to people via WhatsApp is less formal, and there is almost a guarantee that they will se your message. 📲

Reasons for feeling the need of a reminder message

Feeling the need for a reminder message is not necessarily a sign of lack of trust, but it could also be a way of putting extra notice of something really important, or simply to help your colleagues.

  • Your colleagues might be really busy 😥
  • They might have forgot similar things in the past 😳
  • They have something really important coming up ✊
  • You promised them you would help them remember 👐

No matter the reason, sending a reminder is always a safe, short an easy message to send via WhatsApp, and your co-workers or customers might appreciate you taking the time to help them out.

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WhatsApp reminder for busy schedule

Your reminder message could look like this, if your coworkers are having a busy schedule, or if the company in general have been really busy. 👇


I know your schedule have been really busy lately, so I just wanted to remind you about (THE EVENT), just as a friendly reminder. If you need some assistance, please let me know!

This can be done as short an easy as this! 👏

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WhatsApp reminder if they forgot something before

Mistakes happens in the work place, and sometimes people forget things. So if this has happened before, and you want to make sure that that person, or another person doesn’t make the same mistake, you can use this template.

But remember not to stress your coworkers, be aggressive or passive agressive. This will in no way motivate your coworkers ⚠️

Being honest and helpful is by far the best approach.


I just wanted to remind you that you have (THE EVENT) coming up on (DATE) at (TIME). Just a friendly reminder, sometimes these things can be forgotten. And please let me know if you need anything.”

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