Not every customer that goes to your site is going to buy something. Actually, most of your visitors might be leaving your site, without actually buying anything, but this doesn’t necessarily mean, that it is because they are not interested.

Sometimes, customers are just surfing the internet for inspiration to pass the time, and sometimes they leave the site before finishing the purchase, because they are not completely sure whether to buy the product or not.

In this case, it is important that you give the customer the opportunity to pick up, where they left last time, so they wont have to do too much work again. 🛍

But what could a message for this look like, and what is important to keep in mind? We give you some examples here! 👇

Reasons for not finishing the purchase

There can be a lot of different reasons to, why people leave a website without finishing the purchase. These could be some of them:

  • Not sure whether or not they need the products ✅
  • Unsure about the price ✅
  • Looking for better deals on other sites ✅
  • Wanting to get opinions from friends or family before buying ✅
  • Were too busy and didn’t have time to finish ✅

There are many more reasons, but these are simply examples of some of them.

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Abandoned cart template

Your abandoned cart WhatsApp message could look something like this:

Your shopping cart at (WEBSITE NAME) has been saved, and is patiently waiting for you to return. Treat yourself or someone you know, and complete your purchase here 👇


If you want to, you can also give your customers a change to permanently abandon their shopping cart, if they know they are not going to buy it anyway.

It can be done very simple and look something like this.

“To stop shopping at (WEBSITE NAME), click here 👇


When using WhatsApp for abandoned cart messages

These type of messages are not meant to be long and formal messages. It should be done short, clear and easy for the customer to access, otherwise you will lose their interest.

That is also why WhatsApp is great for these kind of messages.

People are always on their phone, and bring it anywhere they go. It has also become very easy and safe to do shopping from your phone, so by using WhatsApp, your customers can finish their purchase, no matter where they are. 📱

More information about how to configure this as an automated message here:

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