Every costumer on you website needs to receive a order confirmation, no matter how big the purchase is, what they buy or how complicated the products are.

But how do you construct your order confirmation message, and how do you do it, if you are using WhatsApp? These are the questions we are going to answer in this article, and give you a template for your WhatsApp order confirmation message. ✍️

Some of the important things, that you should always include in your WhatsApp order confirmation message are:

  • Always thank your customer for the purchase ✅
  • Include the order number ✅
  • Arrival interval ✅
  • Amount paid ✅

These are only some of the things, that you can include in the message, and probably also the most important ones!

Order confirmation template

Your WhatsApp order confinformation message could look like this: 👇

“Thank you for your order (NAME)! Below you will find the information about your purchase.

Your order number is: (ORDER NUMBER)




Grand total: (TOTAL AMOUNT PAID)

You can follow the journey of your order here: (TRACKING LINK)

We hope to welcome you back at (COMPANY NAME) soon!

Why use WhatsApp for order confirmations

WhatsApp is really great for those kind of messages, that really doesn’t need to be very formal. An order confirmation is simply a confirmation of a purchase, so it doesn’t have to be a formal message, which makes is great for WhatsApp.

Also, if you include a tracking link in the message, then the customer can always keep track of where their order is, how long it takes before it arrives, and where they can pick it up, just by picking up their phone. 📱

This makes it really easy, fast and convenient for the customer, to check up on their order. 🛍

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By César Martín (ToChat.be)

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