Some dates are more important than others, and sometimes you just need to make sure, that there is no misunderstandings about, which date is the right one.

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Save the date messages are perfect for when you want to put ekstra notice on an event that takes place on a certain date, so all your guests or participants make sure they do not double book that specific date!

WhatsApp is a great tool for these kind of messages, because you can make sure that your message have been sent, and see if it has been read or hasn’t been read. 👍

Reasons for sending a save the date message

There can be many reasons why you feel like sending these type of messages, but obviously it usually has something to do with a certain event, that you want the recipient to know is happening on a specific date!

You might be marking this date because:

  • You have a wedding coming up 💒
  • You are hosting a party 🎉
  • Your company is hosting an important event 👔
  • You don’t want them to make plans that day 📅

There can be many reasons, but no matter what the reason for the message is, we will give you a template, which you can use in most of the cases, or simply draw some inspiration from!💡

WhatsApp save the date templates

Here we give you a template for a company event. 👇


Hi everyone! we invite you to come participate in (EVENT), and we are really looking forward to see you there.




We hope as many of you as possible can make it!

See you soon!

You can go ahead and make it more personal by adding the name in the greeting in the beginning, but by doing it this way, you can simply send it to all your coworkers at one time, which is much faster.

Also, given that it is a company event, the need for making it personal is very little.

Here we give you an example of a save the day message template, for a more personal event. 👇

“Save the date!

Hi (NAME), we would like to invite you to (EVENT), at (LOCATION) on the (DATE), at (TIME). It would mean the world to us if you can make it to this special day!

See you soon!”

Important information!

One thing that is really important to mention, before you start using these templates are, that if there some important details related to the event, that the recipient should know about, then it is REALLY IMPORTANT THAT YOU INCLUDE THIS!

It could be:

  • A dress code 👗
  • If they need to bring something ❗️
  • Directions ➡️
  • Special rules or guidelines ⚠️

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