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In case you are leaving the company you are currently working at, or for some reason are in need of a replacement, then you of course need to inform your colleagues and perhaps also some customers about this.

There are a couple different reasons to do this, but WhatsApp is actually a great way of doing it, because it can be done short, precise and doesn’t have to be very formal, given that it is basically just passing on information ℹ️

Here we give you an example of how you can construct your WhatsApp handover message, with a specific template. ✍️

WhatsApp handover template

Your handover message for WhatsApp could something like this, if you are leaving the company. 👇

Hi (NAME), since i will be leaving the company on (DATE), I handed all my tasks over to (COLLEAGUE NAME). He/She is an amazing person, so don’t hesitate contacting him/her at (WHATSAPP NUMBER) or (EMAIL) if you need anything! It has been a pleasure working with you, lets stay in touch!

You don’t necessarily have to be leaving the company to be in need of this template, you could also be going on maternity leave or be too sick to work.

Here is a templet for a situation, where you are on leave. 👇

Hi (NAME), since i will be on leave from (DATE) to (DATE), I have handed over my tasks to (NAME). Feel free to contact him/her at (WHATSAPP NUMBER) or (EMAIL). I will see you when i get back!

Reasons for needing a handover message

As mentioned, you don’t necessarily have to be leaving the company to be in need of a handover message, but there are other situations, where this could get relevant too.

Here are some of the situations, where a handover message could become relevant:

  • Leaving the company
  • Going on leave
  • Sickness
  • Vacation

Always remember to fit the message to your situation, this is very important so there won’t be any misunderstandings. This is simply examples!

You can also have a look at some of our other WhatsApp templates. 👇

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