WhatsApp Tricks – Fonts in your message

Fonts in Whatsapp

Now you can add fonts to your default message using the WhatsApp Widget.

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WhatsApp Hileleri – Mesaj Fontları




Basically we can write our message in 5 types by using different fonts.

One of them is default font which we are using generally. So now we are going to know about rest 4 types of fonts.

If you want to write bold text, type an asterisk “ * ” at the beginning and end of the message.

  • EXAMPLE: *Hello!* becomes Hello

For Italic text type an underscore “ _ “at the beginning and end of the message.

  • EXAMPLE: _Hello!_ becomes Hello
For Consolas text, type a three backquotes “ “` “at the beginning and end of the message.
  • EXAMPLE: “`Hello!“` becomes Hello!
For Strikethrough text, type a tilde “ ~ “at the beginning and end of the message.

EXAMPLE: ~Hello!~

Change the font size(Android only)

In order to change the font size on your WhatsApp:

  1. Tap the 3-dot icon in the top right corner
  2. Tap settings
  3. Go to “Chats” and then “Font Size”
  4. Choose between 3 options: Small, Medium and Large

Can you change the color of your text in WhatsApp?

No. Colors are not allowed in WhatsApp messages. You can use emojies to add more color to your messages or images, but you can not add colors to your text.

More text effects for your WhatsApp messages or Facebook Ads.

This website is going to give you a free tool to generate amazing text effects for your WhatsApp messages. 

Can you add a link in a WhatsApp Message?

Yes, you can add links in your messages. If you have a customer and they would like to learn more about your product, you can add a link to your online store. Just copy the URL and paste it in your WhatsApp chat. The best way to do it is using WhatsApp for Business and WhatsApp in your computer. This way your responses will be much swifter. 

Your customer support desk should look like this:

Can you add emojies in your WhatsApp messages?

Yes, this is something default. You can add emojies to your messages and to your default messages when you are using your link to WhatsApp and your WhatsApp messages. Emojis are a great way to introduce some emotions to the text so its becomes more vivid.


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