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WhatsApp bulk message sender.


How to send WhatsApp message from excel sheet

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Verify your WhatsApp number

You can do this the right way and it is using WhatsApp API. Create your account and verify your WhatsApp number. You will be able to send automated messages to your customers. WhatsApp Verification is just $200 per year.


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The do’s and don’ts with WhatsApp and Excel

When dealing with WhatsApp and marketing together, you can easily get on the wrong track. The important things are to know:

  • How to improve your communication 🗣
  • How to automate as much as possible 💻
  • The rules and guidelines of WhatsApp ⚠️
  • Avoid breaking rules and getting blocked ❌
  • How to appeal properly to your target group 🎯

WhatsApp has a little-known option that allows you to create and send personalized WhatsApp messages that can be used to send to multiple recipients in batches or as bulk mailings for WhatsApp marketing.

This function of sending chats is also very useful to be able to send WhatsApp messages to anyone even if you do not have it in your agenda (even to yourself). In a simple way and without resorting to unofficial WhatsApp applications or services, you can send whatsApps to many recipients with a personalized text or facilitate them to send them to us.

Google sheet 🗒 message WhatsΑpp

Send WhatsApp with Google Sheet

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In this article I explain how to do it step by step and include an explanation and Google Sheet template.

You can also download out guide here!


One of the most desired functions of WhatsApp is to be able to automate as much as possible the sending of messages (WhatsApp marketing) with personalized texts (name, surname, subject, etc.) especially in companies. There are third-party tools, but they are not official and they are a violation of WhatsApp rules, so they can lead to a suspension of the WhatsApp account in that phone number, with all that it entails.

WhatsApp for professionals

It is also highly desirable that anyone, especially considering professional fields, can start a WhatsApp chat without adding your number to the agenda.

In this way, later when he checks his contacts and if he no longer wants to maintain contact with you, he will not block you, as in many cases it is done, without foundation.

Avoid getting blocked! 📵

If many people block you on WhatsApp, in the end it is very possible that your WhatsApp account will be suspended.

The solution to these two cases is to use the “click to chat WhatsApp” function, which allows you to start a conversation without having the number in the agenda even with an initial message.

If you know a person’s mobile number, you can create a custom link to send them an automated message.

Send a personalised message from excel to WhatsApp

How to send personalized mass messages from Excel via WhatsApp

To send a WhatsApp message to each recipient using personalized Excel (for example, “Good morning, Benito. I hope you have been happy with your purchase”) (which is the most convenient way to generate the web addresses with the desired parameters) there is no rather than using the function explained in the previous point.

In this way, and without the need to resort to unofficial third-party tools other than WhatsApp (with the consequent risk of account suspension), “mass” shipments can be made, in which the texts and recipients are generated to measure and are customized and you just have to click the button “send” in each one.

Excel to WhatsApp📩message

If you are looking to send messages from excel to WhatsApp, there are some things you need to be aware of first, and the most important thing to pay attention to, is what WhatsApp themselves has to say.

WhatsApp wants to create the best possible user experience for their users, so if they detect, that could possible harm the good experience or the quality of the experience, then trust us when we say, that they will take action!

Send free unlimited WhatsApp bulk message from excel

This is not a good option.🙂 WhatsApp do not allow unlimited bulk messages from Excel. Your account will be banned from WhatsApp.

How do I avoid this?

The first and most reasonable thing you can do to avoid this, is to make your research properly.

Just like Google, other search engines, Instagram and companies like these, Facebook and WhatsApp keep updating their algorithms, rules and guidelines, to optimize the user experience for everyone.

What this means for you is, that you should keep up to date with the rules, guidelines and algorithms of WhatsApp, and try to work alongside these, instead of working against them. Because we guarantee you, it is not a battle you are going to win.

Please let us know if we can help you. We want to help you making your campaigns successful but using the right tools. Contact us for more information or create your account to get started.

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