Update July 2023 – New Instagram interface for WhatsApp Links in your bio

Quick reminder. Instagram only enables bio editing from the App. You can not edit your bio links from the desktop version. Use the App to edit your bio profile. Now you add more than one link. You can add your WhatsApp Link and other links directly in your bio.

Learn how to create a link to whatsApp in your Instagram stories (Google Slides Step by Step).

  1. Create your link right now. Just type your phone number here and get your link ready to share. Go to Chatwith.io
  2. Once you have your link, copy the link and go to Instagram.com and edit your profile.
  3. Copy your link in your website field

Update and save your profile. You are done!!

Instagram is a great match for WhatsApp!

Instagram is a great social network, with millions of people showing up on the platform daily! But have you ever considered, why it would be a perfect fit for your WhatsApp link? Well, allow us to explain, what Instagram and WhatsApp would be a perfect match! 😍

Create your link to WhatsApp and share it in your Instagram.

  • Create unlimited links
  • Create unlimited agents
  • Create landing pages for your Instagram profile
  • Create forms and links to payments
  • Add WhatsApp Polls

In this video we share with you step by step how to use WhatsApp Link.

How to add WhatsApp to your Instagram Account

Use this free tool to create a link to WhatsApp with a personalised message.

  • Yes you can create your WhatsApp link
  • Yes you can generate WhatsApp chat link
  • Yes it is enirely FREE
  • Yes you can start a conversation from your Instagram Profile to WhatsApp

Link to WhatsApp for Instagram (PDF Guide)

We made a guide for you, that you can download this PDF ⬇️

Is WhatsApp better than Instagram chat?

Many users use Instagram as if it was a news blog or a Photo blog. They don’t really see it as a communication channel. WhatsApp however is that communication channel to which we are all pending and where we all communicate with family, friends, customers, suppliers.

So, YES, you need to have WhatsApp as a chat on our Instagram channel. WhatsApp will generate more interaction with users, more messages and more customers in the future. Everybody has WhatsApp nowadays. 

The easiest way to put that link to WhatsApp on our Instagram channel is simply by copying the link that you can generate with our free tool.

You can also do Insta Stories with your WhatsApp icon phone number so that users see the WhatsApp icon prominently. 

As a summary, both channels are complementary

  • Instagram, you have follower photos and news
  • with WhatsApp you have the interaction, communication and sales.

We have created a very easy to use tool. Just go to this page to create a link to your WhatsApp number.

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Instagram accounts with link to WhatsApp


Vellary Clary Velly. Beauty, cosmetic & personal care


Montse Fernández, Consulta o pedido vía WhatsApp 👇

Bastidas & Morales


Te vamos a acompañar en seguros, materia legal, traducción de documentos, apostillar documentos. Servicios para ti o tu empresa, contactános Whp 👇👇


Carolina Garcia Objetivos financieros (instagram y link a whatsapp)


💰Te ayudo a lograr tus objetivos financieros.
📈Asesoro a emprendedores y pequeños empresarios.
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