Why would i add team members to my account?

If you are managing a team, one of the most important thing for you is, that your team members are aware of what is going on, if they are progressing, what your goal is, and everything that links to the improvement and health of the team.

This also means, that you obviously need a way to manage your team, so you can see how they are doing. This is where Tochat.be can become your very best friend! 🙏

Besides the fact that you can add unlimited agents and widgets at Tochat.be, you can also invite your team members to work in the same account, assign agents to them, and see how many leads they generate, where they come from, and all the stats that links to this. 📈

How do I add my team members to my account?

Adding your team members to your account, so you can start working as a team, is not very complicated, but there are a few steps you need to go through, in order to make your team members a part of your account, and assign agents to them.

Here we well tell you exactly how it is done! 👇

How to add your team to your account!

Step 1 – Go to Tochat.be

The very first thing you need to to, is to go to Tochat.be, which is the website where you have your account. Here, you either need to create an account, or as you probably already have an account, you simply need to log in. 👋

When you are at the website, you will see the option at the top right corner. It says “log in”, and this is where you will access your account.

Tochat.be 🌐

Step 2 – Invite your team

The next thing you want to do, is to invite your team. The way you do this is really simple, and there even is a link on the from page, which allows you to go straight to this option! 👌

Invite your team! ✉️

When you press this link, it will guide you through to the next page, where the only thing you need to do, is to press “add agent”, and then you will be ready to invite your team to your account!

Add agent! 👔

Step 3 – Add your team members

Now you are ready to add your team to your account, which doesn’t require a lot actually, you just need a few simple things:

  • Their E-mail address 📥
  • The password you want them to have 🔐
  • Make sure “Enable” is activated ✅

When “Enable” is on, it simply means it is active, so it is of course important that this is on/activated.

Add your team! ✊

When you have filled out the information, and made sure that “Enable” is activated, you can go ahead and press “Submit”.

Step 4 – choose an agent to link your team member to

Now your team member has been added, but you are not done yet! If you want your team members to be able to generate leads, interact with customers and make changes on their own, you need to link them to the right Widget, and the right agent! 🔗

If you don’t do this, they won’t be able to help much. 👎

So there are two things you need to make up with yourself, before going ahead with this:

  • Which Widget should the team member be linked to ❓
  • Which agent do you want the team member to manage ❓
Link members to agents!

By linking your team members to agents, they can collect leads for your, interact with customers who need support or have questions regarding something specific, and see the stats that they generate. 👍

When you have chosen the right agent, you are ready to get going! 🚀

The overview! 👀

Step 5 – Share access with your team members

You are pretty much done now, but for your team members to be able to work with you in your account, you need to share the information with them!

They obviously need to know the E-mail and password you gave them, so they can enter and start working, but probably also which agent they are assigned to 💡

When that is done, your team members are ready to get to work!

Manage, lead and edit

Now, you are now alone on managing the leads, that your WhatsApp Widgets and agents generate. You can share the success with your team, and at all times see how they are doing, by looking at the stats! 📊

Your team will also be able to manage campaigns and payments on their own, with out many great tools!

View stats! 📊

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