WhatsApp is a great tool for many things, which is why so many people are using it on a daily basis to make conversations with friends, family, co-workers or others.

However, one of the areas where WhatsApp is really underrated, is when it comes to the features you can add, to help you run your business and control your customer service and support.

At Tochat.be, there are a lot of cool benefits, which you can access without having to pay at all! Among these are f.x the ability to:

  • Create your very own link to WhatsApp 🔗
  • Create your WhatsApp Widget 📞
  • Get your Widget on your website 🌐

Check out all the amazing opportunities at Tochat.be! 🚀

What Tochat.be also offer you, is the possibility to take your customer mangement to the next level, with a premium account, which for only $20 a year, is very affordable and can do miracles for your business! 😍

What are the premium features?

There are a couple different and amazing benefits of having a premium account at Tochat.be! 👍

Among some of these are:

  • Get paid using payment links 💰
  • Manage unlimited agents 👔
  • Change and design your Widget without limits 🖌
  • Create forms for your WhatsApp Widget 📝
  • Add FAQ’s to your WhatsApp Widget ❓
  • And much more! 🎉

Stripe integration

WhatsApp stripe connection is an easy, safe and comfortable way for your users to pay, simply using a link you can create and send them! This also allows them to pay, no matter where they are, so they don’t have to find the specific page.

Adding and managing unlimited agents helps you giving more specific customer support, and increase your satisfaction rate, and goes along really well with forms and FAQ’s so you always are on top of your customers questions, comments or issues! 🌟

Stripe integration! 💰

Unlimited agents

Agents are the main service providers for your WhatsApp Widget, as soon as it is active on your website. Some choose to to have agents for support and service, and some choose to have sales support agents, but the reality is, that you don’t necessarily have to choose. 🤔

With a premium account, you can add as many agents as you want to, so you can have agents for different services, and provide a more quality filled service for your customers!

Here is how you add unlimited agent to your WhatsApp Widget! 👇

Add unlimited agent to WhatsApp!

Create a form for your WhatsApp Widget

Forms are a great possibility for you to get to know the needs of your users better, before they start a conversation with you! This allows you to be well prepared, and provide a better answer to your customers questions or problems.

What is a form? A form in your WhatsApp Widget is a set of information, that you can ask your customers to fill out before they contact you, so that you get a better understanding of, who they are, what their issue is, or what they want to know about you.

You decide what you need to know, and from that information they give you, you can provide a way better service for them, when you start a conversation with them! 😍

Here is how you add forms to your WhatsApp Widget! 👇

Add forms to your WhatsApp Widget! 📝

Add FAQ’s to your WhatsApp Widget

Frequently Asked Questions is, in my opinion, one of the most underrated features on a website, and every website should definitely have a FAQ section!

Why you ask? Simply because it allows the users to fin answers to their questions or problems, without even having to contact you. So technically, you are providing customer service in advance. 🆒

So, since it is so important and to such great use for the visitors of your website, why not include it in your WhatsApp Widget, after all, it is here your visitors go to, if they need answers!

Here is how you add FAQ to your WhatsApp Widget! 👇

Add FAQ to your WhatsApp Widget!

How do i get a premium account?

Easy! Simply go to Tochat.be and create your premium account, or if you are a new to these services, try out our free features first, get used to it, and then take your business to the next level with a premium account! 👏

Tochat.be 🌎

You can also chat with us, and we will guide you to the right solution for you! 😉

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By César Martín (ToChat.be)

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